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Asha Francis

I hope that the chicken makes a full recovery and I love love the scarf. I keep promising to start back knitting and never getting there hopefully this will motivate me.


Asha, I hope you get out those needles. Just look at Ravelry for a few minutes and you'll want to start knitting!

Enjay Krauss

I'd be interested in a post about building the root cellar, if you'd be interested in writing one. I'm a long time rav member, but quilting has caught my interest for the moment. I tend to cycle through my hobbies, unfortunately spinning usually follows knitting LOL


We have seen and FELT the sun, too! That chicken knows a good thing when she sees it. I always feel bad for farm animals in the winter, especially this one. Now I want to focus on wearing shoes instead of boots - what a treat that will be.
Squash as decor is the new black, right?

June Oshiro

Fish are obnoxious that way, too. If I'm not entirely sure whether a fish is ailing, I just watch to see if the tankmates are nipping at the fins. They tend to gang up on the injured or sick ones and eventually eat them.

We had a terrible winter in MN, too. Although it's in the 40s today, more snow is predicted this week, sigh.

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