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We had good luck with our tom turkeys - they mostly just stood around saying "Look how pretty I am!" Roosters, however, have been another story...
I'll be glad when mud season is over. It's hard to carry those big bags of feed when the mud is trying to suck the boots off your feet.


I just learned to spin - and card! - and am besotted. And I too have a psycho cat, an outdoor kitty who is confined to my house for his own protection (cars, kids with pellet guns, etc.) Sometimes he is sweeter than sweet, other times so furious that I won't let him out he chases me down and bites my ankles. Good luck with your sweater and the mud.

donna lee

But Milo looks like such a lovey cat. I have to spin some wool to finish a sweater for me but haven't felt like sitting down at the wheel. The nice weather seems to beg for spinning to be done in front of an open window or outside. It was warm(er)this weekend but not quite warm enough to sit outside. It's been so wet that we are going to have quite the muddy season ourselves.


You know I love Milo, no matter what you say about him! And I don't blame you for keeping the turkey hen -- you've bonded over her rehab! -- but I think it's time for the tom to go. Our snow is almost gone here, and they're saying any we get from now on should be slushy and fast-melting. I hope! I'm so ready for Spring!

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