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ccr in MA

The spinning impresses me so! As a knitter but not a spinner, I love watching people start with fluff and make it yarn. Keep up the good work!


Sorry about the animals. That right there suggests to me that I am way too weak-hearted to have a farm or ranch.
You know, I both miss and don't miss the construction around my house. Thanks for the reminder. xo

Donna lee

I'm a bit envious of the snow. We got a dusting which was beautiful but is mostly gone now. And the temps will be too warm this week so it will all be rain.


Jessie- My daughter's room is still "Bunny Nose Pink"- so that sounds right. She'll love her new room.

And I'm having stove envy.


Yum! Lovely wool! Tasty looking cider! You sure have been busy. But sheesh--an hour drive to get a range, lovely though it may be! I used to live in the country and don't miss those long drives everywhere. But then, I do miss seeing stars at night!


Love the new room, and the new stove! Yay winter... I'm hoping all this cold will help put down those damnable ticks and other such pestilence.


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huddersfield electrican

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That gray is absolutely gorgeous and sounds incredibly soft! I keep thinking I need a gray sweater too, but I probably won't find time to spin and knit one...


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