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Yeah, that was a pretty smooth proposal, and quite a lovely ring. Congratulations all around!


Congratulations on both fronts! Very exciting and yes a super smooth proposal. Cool baby sack- should be interesting how the fit is.


Congratulations! At first, I thought "1992? That was only 10 years ago!" but ten I remembered how math and the passage of time work.


Congratulations! How exciting for all of you!


Grandma Jessie! HA! and Ethan getting married Wow, congrats. Talk to you soon, xojill


Congratulations on both events! I had a sneaking suspicion about a grandbaby when I noticed all your baby items on my Ravelry "Friends' activity" page.
Please tell us the turkey didn't end up in the oven on Thanksgiving!


Well, yes, I've had a turkey in my kitchen, but not the kind that can talk back.
Congratulations on all the upcoming family celebrations!


Oh, I've had turkeys in my kitchen... just not any walking around!

Congrats on all the good news.

donna lee

Growing family indeed. What wonderful news. Neither of my daughters who are involved with young men are engaged let alone married with children so no Grandmas here. I do, however, have a grandpuppy. He's adorable but I'm looking forward to the kind of Grand- that doesn't shed quite so much.


Awww.... Congratulations all around! A baby! A wedding! You're going to have such a fun year.


Jessie- Congratulations. You will be a hip grandmother.

I have had a turkey in the kitchen, only it has never walked around.


Woohoo! Bigtime family events! You must have a great big perma-smile at this point.
I have to admit all the turkeys I've had in my kitchen were the non-ambulatory type. Though I've several times ended up with a kitchen-chicken, living in a cardboard box while we treated it for some malady or another...

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