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Whoa! what a garden!!

Try Bidens tripartida for your unknown there... some sort of beggars ticks.


It's been a bit of a crap summer here in Ontario- so I am definitely looking forward to fall.

And combing some fleece.


I agree with Lisa. Leafy-bracted Beggar-ticks. And, yup, Common Ragweed, which I usually pull before it gets that huge!! Loving this weather too.

Donna lee

August is usually our brutal month but July was much worse this year. We have a/c only in the bedrooms since sleeping is a must. This august has been nice. Cooler temps, still high humidity but not nearly as hot. And the nights are pleasant. I loved it and hate to see the days shortening so rapidly.

Squssh vine borers do in our pumpkins every time but since we don't use chemicals they're hard to get rid of.


I am enjoying the heck out of your blog. More, please! :)


Here in Indiana, it was less humid than last year, but HOT and DRY. I struggled to keep everything in the yard alive. Now we have had some rain, and it is a jungle out there! Many of our local orchards have NO fruit this year, due to early warmth in March, followed by a hard freeze. I might have to drink store-bought cider this year. :-(


Looks like a wonderful summer! I hope your pumpkins and squash survive. If you happen to want a recipe for easy and delicious homemade burger buns, I have a great recipe I'd be happy to share.


I'm in Ontario too but I think it's been a wonderful and long summer. It was parched at first but now we have rain and green again.
My tomatoes look like your tomatoes, what's with the splitting this year?
For the first year ever, I have no squash or pumpkins other than patty pans. Squash and cucumber beetles, munch munch. Of course I was trying a new variety (kiri squash) and I was really excited about them :(
No apples here, either. It's been different this year for sure. Too bad about the corn - bad cows!

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