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We lost about 16 chickens to raccoons this spring. Mostly babies, but a couple of really great mama hens. The raccoons were out during the day. It was horrible. We also lost a turkey to a day time coyote. It's been a weird year.

Your turkeys are beautiful! I am jealous of your garden. We have unending drought here...


I was thinking just earlier today that you've been quiet.... (but who blogs anymore, eh?). Good to see a post from you! I have a couple in my head, but they require that I sit at the pc... (vs the ipad).


So good to see you back again! You've certainly had your hands full...and it looks like it won't let up just as you indicate!


Still here. Not sure if the blog is winding down or what... It's so 2006. :-)


I guess I'm stuck in 2006! I prefer blogging/reading blogs (a select few as time is limited), and just am not inspired to tweet/facebook/etc.etc.

You are getting just as much if not more exercise with gardening and farm work, and alternating workout mornings is a great solution to the time problem.

Oh man, if I saw a bear in the backyard I'd do everything wrong- like panicking and running and screaming until it chased me and ate me up. He (she?) does look awfully cute and cuddly though.


You've been busy and busy is good, right?
That bear! We don't have fox problems ( I have seen very very few) but the coyotes I hear in the woods every night. This is why I don't have chickens.
You grass looks nice and green - no draught in your neck of the woods?


I hope you can keep the blog going too! So nice to read an extended piece, much as I love Face Book! and I do enjoy your photos.

Been a super blueberry year down here, raspberries not so much. Summer squash & cukes over-produced, so we have been setting up our Free stand every week. We have tomato late blight. 8-(


Gardening sounds like exercise to me!

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