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I love the cows! Excellent pictures of joyful cows and chicken.


Once you've made homemade hamburger buns, there's no going back...
I hope you enjoyed your mother's day as much as the cows did!


Sam has an adorably stupid face. I want to pat his head.

donna lee

I had no idea cows liked to run! I always see them standing around looking all bored. How cool to see that they have curiosity.

I love homemeade hamburger buns. I can use the bread machine to make the dough (it makes really good dough) and then shape and rise the buns myself. Thre is nothing like them.


My dad likes to name his beef cows things like "cupcake" just so he can stand at the bottom of the pasture, call out "heeeerreeee cuuupcaaaake!" - and have a 1000lb animal come thundering down out of the field.

That's when he's not naming them ruben...


Jessie, boy, do I LOVE your posts!! Thanks for the smiles you gave me today!!


Those free and happy cows are the best!
I think you and your daughter inspired today's Pajama Diaries in the comics.


Wow, that comic was perfect!


Wonderful post even if you had burn a monstrous amount of lactic acid running back to the house from the pasture. That kind of scream does turn a mother's blood cold. Glad she was fine and only "porch railed" by a chicken.


I recently saw a flyer inviting people to come to a farm and watch the cows go to pasture for the first time this season. I thought it looked cool, and Alex didn't get it. I'll have to show him this blog post. We didn't go this year, but next year with a toddler will be So. Much. Fun!


Those are the happiest cows I've ever seen... I didn't know they could be that happy!

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