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Your posts never fail to amaze me about how MUCH you do!


You are my kinda woman - wished we lived closer.
I think my cats would have had a hissy fit over the poultry on the porch but I love it!

Erin McDonald

Don't apologize about the length of your posts... I love hearing and seeing all that is happening there. You live a hard working, rewarding, and to some, idyllic life. I too wish that I lived closer... love the porch, the cat, and the mellow atmosphere.
If only I had more than 12 square feet of a patio, I would love to be growing some of my own produce!

donna lee

It's good to see you all are recovering from Irene. Vermont doesn't usually get hit with hurricanes!

I love canning tomatoes but I'm not such a fan of beans. We planted them because my husband likes them and now I want to try to winnow! That looks so very cool.

Susan Kitkatknit

Laughing at your dried bean cost story. Quite a few years ago I thought I could save money rather than paying the then $8.99/lb for "Chucker Cherries Berry & Pistachio Mix" (now about $20/lb). Carefully studied the proportions of pistachios to the dried cherries and cranberries, made 3 pounds and it cost me, you guessed it, $8.99/lb to mix my self.


Your rooster on the porch reminds me of the girl in the movie Cold Mountain..."that rooster is the devil himself"...we had a rooster that pecked my now 10 yr old--Brewster was Livi's arch-enemy! Funny rooster & chickens on the porch...all I can think of is the poop...but I guess it cleans up...if you're so inclined.


Love the pics of A Man and His Chickens!
We're buried in harvest up here, too. Freezer slowly filling up.

You could post every 15 minutes, and I'd wait quietly by my computer all day...


Your produce all looks delicious. Don't you love how chickens make themselves part of the family? Looking forward to the chandelier unveiling.

Lois B

I just love reading about your life on the farm. I always wanted to live on a farm but with all the work you do, I don't know if I could hack it. Love the rooster and hens, turkeys and all the produce. I get tired thinking about all you do but I do enjoy the farm life vicariously. Keep writing.


Your porch pictures with hubby, hen and rooster look so relaxing. Hilarious rooster photos...never trust him!
When I read your "I'm pooped"..after the corn, tomatoes, beans, applesauce (I likely forgot a few things)...all I could do was chuckle and think..."Well...uhmm....ya think?".


So I haven't read blogs in a while, and I confess to skimming text and photos, but I DID have that same thought about your rooster! (you wonder if he's going to peck a chunk of skin off your leg), so when I saw the shallots, I thought... geesh, those are small roosters, HOW many does she have? Or that they looked like rooster feet, but that didn't make sense... so I was forced to read... hahahaha

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