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Thank you for putting up a post, I had hoped that your farm escaped unscathed!


Ooh, Vivian is on my List, so i await the results of yours.


I was wondering how you all fared...glad to hear you were missed!


You've been on my mind. So glad to hear Irene spared you and that you are all safe and sound. Such a tragedy for those who lost everything including their livelihoods.

Love your photos as always. Hehe on the maybe-not-so-dumb gimpy rooster. Nice ploy indeed.


So glad you and all of your animals escaped unscathed (except, um, the meat chickens). Speaking of the meat chickens, it's great that they got to live happy chicken lives in the pasture. Happy farm animals (even ones slated for the freezer) are worth the trouble, I think, even if letting them out in the sun doesn't affect the taste.


Vermont certainly isn't a state that comes to mind when you think of hurricanes. I'm glad you and your family missed the brunt of Irene. My BIL's family in Fairhaven also came through OK, though because of surrounding road conditions they 'can't get there from here'.


Glad to hear you're well. We just got our power back after 4 days out, we had tons of trees and limbs down. Terribly saddened about the devastation in Vermont esp. recognizing so many places we've spent time all thru the months and years.


Glad that you didn't sustain any damage at the Lazy J. LOVE the pea-vine chomping pictures! Those were big hailstones. Love the knitting!


I *thought* about emailing you, but since you had not posted, I assumed you might not have electricity. Glad your farm escaped the wrath of Irene. Thanks for reporting on the meat birds on pasture. I buy local chicken that is raised on pasture, not sure what breed they are, but they sure are good, not rubbery like grocery story chicken.


I'm glad to hear all is well (besides the deleted photos). I was wondering about you and your family (people and animals) when I heard the news about Vermont. (I feel I should write more, but I really should be in bed... good night!)


I'm glad to hear everything's okay with your family, I've been worried about you. All the news out of Vermont has just broken my heart, but the stories about the response and recovery have made it a lot better. Happy Autumn! It's finally not 100+++++ degrees in Oklahoma! We all almost cried when it dropped down into the 50s at night.


How sad about your deleted pics. It's so frustrating when that happens. I haven't had it happen for a while, but it usually seems so unbelievable...like where could they have gone?? I'll check the trash, etc. compulsively for a few days afterwards, just in case, ha, ha

Very interesting about your chickens. My daughter is a vegetarian, so she's often telling me about how terribe factory farms are to chickens. (which I already knew) I do kind of think that there's bad karma eating chickens that have been treated so badly. I could eat your chickens with no guilt! Sounds like they had happy chicken lives!

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