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Good thing you have that tomato sauce maker! Your garden edibles look great. I am having a discouraging year - too hot, too humid, too weedy, no rain. Ugh. Even my tomato plants are being uncooperative. And the other day I had to *buy* zucchini - unheard of! Enjoy your three-day weekend!


Don't be ascared of those 'maters! What you can't get canned, just freeze them until you can get to them.

Good thing about freezing is when you bring them to room temp, the skins just fall off! Really, it is so much easier to freeze the tomatoes and concentrate on canning the beans and other produce and leave the tomatoes in the freezer until the garden slows down!!


I'll chime in with the freezing of tomatoes - I'd never tried it, but AnnaMarie gave me a bunch that she'd frozen last year, and I'm a true fan now. She'd just dropped them into ziplock bags and thrown them into the freezer -easy and fast. And I can pull out a few or a lot to add to whatever I'm cooking. If any of my tomatoes actually ripen (our garden is soooo far behind yours...) I'll be freezing some for myself, in addition to the canning.
As usual, love all your photos!


I find it hard to believe your garden is behind ours, but I suppose that makes geographic sense. Yes, I have heard about freezing tomatoes and I probably will; but we have a cow and a pig going into the freezer in a week or two, so it's not going to be easy!



Wow, your tomatoes must be two weeks ahead of mine! Acutally your whole garden may be that far ahead, it looks wonderful!


Oh, such gorgeousness in the garden. Makes me miss living in Vermont SO so much!


love love LOVE your beautifull plentiful vermont garden!

donna lee

You have been busy! The chickens look like they're wearing yellow boots. They grow so fast.

The garden looks so fertile. We had a really wet spring too but as soon as we planted the flowers out front, no rain and blistering sun. So, no flowers this year and we didn't even get one tomato plant in. I'll miss them come winter.

Jill Hennessey

you never told me she was going to downer, erins great friend julia blatchford is and has been working there forever!well the rest of it is beautiful and if we don't hear from you for a while we will know to look under some vine in the garden...


Good seeing you on the run at Greg's!!

DH lost quite a few plantings this spring too, but 70lbs of potatoes? Ouch. We have been eating new taters for a while, and the blueberries have been astonishing this year. I am putting 4lbs a day in the barn freezer. He is going to be making jam and pies all winter, pancakes too, yum. He says tomatoes will be overwhelming (if they ever ripen - I am hovering, afraid the basil will be gone by if they don't hurry up). Squash & cukes so plentiful I have to set them out for free by the road. Even with DS inhaling them daily as Quickie Pickles. Cheers, Shelagh.


I wish we lived closer - I'd love to take some tomatoes off your hands. We planted 5 plants, my engineer husband built a wooden cage covered in bird netting to keep the squirrels out (the last 2 years they've eaten all our tomatoes) and yet and still critters got into the enclosure and chewed or absconded with all but our little sungolds (which are delicious if you've never tried them). So, I think we're giving up on tomatoes next summer. We also planted a zucchini this year - first time for us - lots of flowers, then the flowers fall off and we have no fruit as of yet. I thought they were pretty foolproof. Oh well, just have to budget for the farmers' market this year and figure out what to grow next year. Enjoy your produce and your meat. Everything looks beautiful. Also, enjoy your three day weekend!

Ashley DeMazza

My name is Ashley DeMazza. I am a kindergarten teacher at North Canaan Elementary School. I live in Falls Village CT with Mr. DeMazza, also a teacher and the two DeMazza daughters. I am so glad I found your blog and plan to check it often.


Oh! Your garden is amazing. I'm kind of jealous of the 45 tomato plants, but only kind of because I know how much work they mean. I have four plants in my garden, and they're keeping me busy!


Girl, you ARE in trouble if you're considering using your Magic Bullet for making pesto!!!

Oh, wait a second. There's a BLENDER called "Magic Bullet!" Now it all makes sense! ;o)


I, too, love February ;)! I feel your pain around the tomato avalanche that's a-comin'. Good luck.


Vermont looks like such a lovely place to live. Just love all your great pictures!

The baby chicks, now grown are adorable, and your garden makes me tired just thinking about all the work involved. When in the world do you find time to work at a job outside the home?

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