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$1.75/lb. is a great price! DH just went picking with the kids in Hardwick and paid twice that.

I love scapes, too! I made nut-free pesto in the past and it turned out great. I haven't seen any scapes at the farmer's market here yet. Next year we'll grow our own garlic and harvest our own.


Did you come by the blog and see where our chickens had to go away?

Yours are so cute looking and that is one fine coop.


Wow, I'd say spring has sprung in many ways out your way.
Strawberries were @!# 5.99/pound here in Storrs! and the scale was off in their favor! Only satifaction was that we had eaten our weight's worth while picking. Have a great summer.


I remember the days of the spring construction project.


Great price on strawberries, it's $4.99 for a quart of day old at the farm stand here.

A friend of mine puts the water as far from the food as she can with her meat birds. She says it makes them move about more. Just a thought.


Can I just say, without sounding skeevy, that your hubby is H.O.T.? LOL. Those biceps!

Awesome portable coop, too. You must have read Joel Salatin's stuff about rotating chickens after cows in the same pasture? Are you going to try that?


What a project! Backyard chicken are still on my "dream" list. Ha, ha, I agree with June. I do have to admit that I noticed your husband's biceps too.


That is one cool coop! We had some houdini chickens that kept escaping out of the pen & dh put them in the barn with the meatbirds. Poor girls! ...that's a fate worse than death! (it desperately needs to be cleaned out!) They were so happy = laying their eggs out under the spruce trees or who knows where?


I raised Cornish Rock cross birds once upon a time. They had a coop with a roost and were allowed to roam, but after a while, they were content to lay in their own waste. They did grow fast, though. Good luck with yours. Making them scratch for their food is a good idea.


P.S. Just finished a pair of socks using A Piece of Vermont yarn, and started another right away. Love that stuff!


Yup, your OH is a nice sight to have in your back yard. But I'm even more impressed at his woodworking skills. To be able to design and construct that sort of thing in a weekend is most impressive. My OH can't even assemble an Ikea flatpack bookshelf, sigh.


We've definitely had fewer leg problems with our meatbirds since we gave them a nice yard to play in. I think that keeping them walking around at an early age helps their muscle development as they gain all that weight. That's my theory, anyway.
And they seem much happier, waddling through the grass, chasing bugs (rather ineffectively, but at least they're trying) and taking dust baths.
Love your new coop!


Um, Lily will still try to find a way into her all you can eat buffet. Cats are smart. At least she will have to work for it!

I have not tried it since I can't get garlic scapes at my market, but I have read you can pickle them. Might be worth trying if you get extras.

I am no help with the price of strawberries since I am allergic to them and avoid them like the plague.

And nice that you have managed to find homes for the extra chickens. I wish I could have a few. Darn living in town!


Sadly, our local pick your own strawberry crop was wiped out by Japanese beetle grubs, and we have to buy pre-packaged unless as I don't feel like driving to another.
That is some project. It's nice the chickens can enjoy semi-freedom before, gulp, you-know-what.
Love the chicken inspection crew!

Tiffany Larsen

Wow, cool! This is exactly like the chicken coop we had in our farm when I was a young girl growing in Minnesota, haha. My dad built it using scraps of wood and chicken wire. I think it's still there in the farm. I haven't seen it for a long time, unfortunately.

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