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Amazing difference with the eggs. I miss buying them from our farm (can't swing them at double the price of supermarket "free range" right now). I look forward to the day when I can have my own small flock of layers.

Good luck with the Etsy shop. I have one, too (FlyingDaffodils.etsy.com). There are so many sellers, it can be hard for people to find your stuff, but if you already have regular customers that will help. And spacing out when you list things helps, since their search works by listing most recently posted items first. The Ravelry Etsy group is pretty good if you're looking for tips.

That shawl looks beautiful. I love the colors.

Thanks for posting again. I always enjoy your posts. I'm itching to get off out .07 acres and get some land to garden, raise chickens, etc. In the meantime I enjoy reading about others who are doing it.


Congratulations on the shop! The yarn looks gorgeous.


I used to work at an "automated laying facility" (factory farm for eggs). This is where I learned that you can tell how fresh an egg is by how tall the white stands up in a pan. From your pix, not only are the yolks of your eggs a deep orange, the whites are thick and solid. I can almost taste those eggs! I used to have my own flock and miss keeping chickens.

Maybe you should dye some orange and white yarn and call it "Free Range"!


Woo Hoo! You're up and running again! Baby Romney batts? Yum......

Mary Lou

Your spinning is utterly beautiful...I have yet to complete even one spool full of acceptable spinning. I won't give up but I'm sure envious of your skill and finished products!


Good for you on the Etsy store. I find mine so easy to deal with and frankly the fees are peace of mind since hiring a code monkey would probably cost the same. Learning it myself would probably make me bald from tearing my own hair out.

You do beautiful work!


Two years -- really?! It goes by fast.

Congratulations to your stepson. My husband used to teach at Bridgewater State, just before we were married. Small world, eh?

Off to check out your store ...


Hey, good for you with the Etsy store--sounds like it will be much more manageable for you!

It is bad that, even though I know Milo is the true Spirit of Evil, I think he's stinking cute?

Happy Holidays!

donna lee

I'm glad to hear a piece of vermont is back in whatever form. You dye such beautiful stuff. Will you offer batts as well?

I've never spun anything with tencel in it but I'm going to fix that. I love the shine it brings to the finished yarn


That shawl is really pretty. I can't wait to see it finished. Just a suggestion for your slippers, put a leather bottom on them. It helps them last even longer.

And Milo looks so sweet. But cats can be very deceptive.

Yeah for the Etsy shop. It is hard to get found. A trick I learned is to do in and make tiny edits every few days and that puts you back up to the top of the searches.


But Milo is so pretty! ;-) And so is that tencel/merino yarn - yum! I'm glad you've got an Etsy shop!


The harvest may be in, but it looks like you're still just as busy!
Best of luck with the new shop. 8)


Yay for getting back into yarn production!

(btw, more big news in these parts...I'll let you check my blog when you get a chance to see what's up *grin*)

lynne s of oz

Perky eggs! I never realised what a fresh egg looked like until I cracked open our girls' first egg...
and woot! You are dyeing yarn again. I've been saving my last two skeins 8-)


Off to check your etsy site. Look into art fire too


Those are going to be some seriously warm and lovely felted slippers. I think I am feeling some top-loader envy right about now (I've had the felted clogs pattern for a couple of years and we own a very non-felting front-loader - le sigh). Suppose I knit the slippers and send them to Vermont for felting? ;o)


Gorgeous yarn! I'm way behind so I missed it.


I'm in the UK and nowadays even with free range it's hard to buy eggs here that are really fresh: I think they get stockpiled a lot because of overproduction. A friend of mine who started keeping hens told me that the eggs were much firmer because of the breed she keeps, and I had to explain to her that no, it was just because they were fresh.

Best photograph of Milo yet. Good luck with the Etsy shop.


oh man! i totally missed your yarn! shoot! i.love.your.yarn. love it! i bought a ton of the undyed Weybridge yarn way back and it is so lovely knit up. if you go back to selling yarns again, i will be in line to buy some (or just go to the yarn store in middlebury and hope they have it there too). thanks for all your hard work!


I'm very happy to see your stuff Etsy! I totally understand about the real job thingy. I was able to dye tons of stuff while I was unemployed. Once I went back to work it got tough, but slowly I've been working it back into my routine. Can't wait to see more yarn/fiber listings from you!


Yep. Those eggs are just plain eggery than store-bought. Love the shawl pattern and popped over to Ravelry to purchase it. Please post a picture of yours when you finish - want to see that lovely yarn. Kudos to your step-son. He's quite the wrestler!

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