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donna lee

I know it was a lot of work but doesn't it feel good to have all of that good food put up for the winter?

We found our squeezo when we were cleaning out the garage and wonder of wonders, the instructions were with it. This means I can scarf up some last minute tomatoes and maybe make some sauce/puree to keep. If I'm really too late, I'll clean it up and put it where I'll see it for next year.

Your daughter is beautiful. My youngest daughter wore a dress like that in blue to her 8th grade dinner dance. When you're young and thin, those are so beautiful.


Wow, you are the most productive person ever! The food is amazing and the knits are beautiful. LOVE the new colors of the tencil blend roving.


OMG your daughter looks so beautiful! All this growing up and looking teenager-y must stop immediately!!!


13 DOZEN ears of corn? I know the processing is a lot of work, but man I wish I had that in my freezer!

Well done all around! I'm pretty sure the gardening is done for the year, at least for me. We've already had snow on the ground twice, and the garlic is planted.


Try some pumpkin butter for the pies. You can either pressure can it or freeze it. Let me know if you want my recipe. You can freeze the pumpkin butter in jelly jars. And I use it as a treat by putting a dab on a cinnamon graham cracker.

And I love roasting the pumpkins. People think I am strange until I tell them how little I spend on good pumpkin verus the cost of the canned stuff. Must get a bigger freezer for next year.


What a busy but fun souding time. I love freezing basil too and I like that apple peeler. I have something that cores and cuts the apples but I can't find it! Sigh.


Your daughter is soooo pretty! And so grown up! It's amazing how that happens...

Love the tweedy look of your yarn and as I was reading about your mitts, with my frozen fingers on the keyboard, I have renewed desire to make work gloves!


I bought one of those apple peelers and tried it for the first time the other day. Not a very successful effort, but the cores of the apples had softened and I didn't really understand what I was doing. Must try again. Now it is time to stop putting food by and to start eating it!


Yowza, you've been busy!


Pumpkin pudding cake? Pumpkin pudding cake? I may have to go on a recipe hunt...
I'm always enthralled by your color blends - such beautiful yarn you make!

Supra Skate

Could you run that by me again?I've gotta catch the bus


Awesome garden haul Jessie!

Pom Pom

Oh my goodness, look at you go! Love the fiber pictures - all cozy and lovely!
Your daughter is beautiful!


I love the cabled fingerless mitts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabled hat - it looks like there is no reverse-stockinette ground? I don't suppose you want to write those up or let us know where to get the pattern?


Wow you've been busy! The only thing I did was get married ;o) (on Baldwin Hill, even!)


I'm exhausted just reading your post! My taste buds are dancing, though. What a delicious winter you're going to have! Love the yarn on your bobbin - all my favorite colors rolled into one. Your daughter looks so grown-up! When did that happen?


I came across your blog through The Sanguine Gryphon's and really admired the cabled hat you made for a friend. What pattern did you use, or is it your own design?

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