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Thanks for the animal pics! The new kitchen-look is great! :) You don't core your apples before making sauce? I guess it strains out, or something?


I read your blog alot but I don't comment to often. I love the idea of having a farm and raising aniamls, and it seems pretty freaking awesome but the I remember I hate bugs and dirt. But to eat a dinner made out of only things you or some one you knew grows? awesome.


Wow. These posts always make me feel so lazy and unproductive ... even when I actually HAVE been productive!


What a great post! Your canning is awesome, the livestock photos grand - but the painted kitchen rocks it all. Well done!!!!


I love seeing the pumpkins that are appearing now! I LOVE Fall! Some of the maple trees have started turning. The picture of the pig noses, eyes, and ears is great! I printed a recipe off the Epicurious site today - Caramel-Pear Butter. Don't know why you couldn't substitute apples. I'm envious of all your homegrown veggies, etc. That's just terrific!


Painting cabinets makes such a difference - I painted the ones in my old house red and I couldn't believe how different (and great!) the kitchen looked.

Canning - I enjoy it, but my current place is so tiny I don't really have anyplace to store the results...

And you can sent Milo to me any time -- I just lost two of my three kitties, and it's awful quiet around here.... (Harley also thinks she should unpin the blocking knitting)


Yes, another person here interested in how you don't core or peel your apples. I HATE peeling and coring apples and as a result they often just rot under the tree. Information svp?

donna lee

You have been a busy woman! I managed not to can a single thing this year. Sheer laziness on my part. Now, my husband wants to make some mint jelly and I can't find the pint jars. I don't think it's meant to be.


I don't peel or core apples before making sauce either. Maybe it has to do with what you use to turn the cooked apples into sauce? I have a cone-shaped thing and a pestle-like thing. The cone-shaped thing looks like a colander, and keeps the yucky stuff from the apples inside it. The key is to cook the apples enough that the peels fall right off. Works great with Macs.


To resolve the mystery, as I should have done in my post: To make applesauce, I quarter the apples and simmer them in enough water to cover the bottom and keep them from scorching. Then I put them in a Foley food millĀ  (from eBay, in my case) and crank away. Cores, peels and seeds stay in the top, applesauce comes out the bottom. I add sugar and cinnamon and that's all she wrote. If applesauce required peeling or coring, we would be an applesauce-free household! This is not a big process. During and after dinner last night, I cooked and food-milled apples and canned 12 12-ounce jars. Piece o' cake.


Lookin' good, Jessie! It makes me want to paint my kitchen. Bathrooms first, though....


I've got a Foley foodmill, too. It's been happily milling tomatoes and other goodies for the last 30 years for me.
I love canning - just wish the process didn't overcook vegetables. It's wonderful having a cupboard full of jars of beautiful colors, and you don't have to worry about losing power spoiling all your hard work...


Hmmm. My cabinets look a lot like your "before" pix - I had not considered painting them to give them a fresh look. Yours look great! I made some end-of-garden-soup last week - it was SO good! Makes all the hard work worth the effort.


I so love to see the canning jars all lined up, full of bounty. It always made my heart sing when I did that ;-)
And love your green cabinets - they are awesome!!
and hey.... that's some pig!

Kay Hargrave

Kitchen looks great, Jessie! As does everything else. I especially like the pumpkin photo - makes me wish I was back in Vermont.


I have an ancient cone-shaped food mill like Bets's. It is getting quite a workout right now as I run the cooked tomatoes thru it too.

I have solved the puzzle - you NEVER sleep, right?
8-) Shelagh.


As usual, it was a hard choice between the pigs and Milo for my desktop wallpaper, but this time the pigs won. I love the way the light shines through their ears.

Ruth-Ann R.

Oh your kitchen repainting looks wonderful! As ALWAYS, I absolutely love all of your garden and farm pictures! Nice to see Milo too! Happy Fall!


The painted cabinets make a huge difference in that cheery color. Our new cabinets will have cup pulls too (just learned that term in searching for hardware), whenever they are finished.
Love all the animals and the friendly little chicken.


Are you pressure canning your tomatoes? I am still slightly afraid of pressure canning. But I have all sorts of pickles put up. Something about the way the jars look that make me want to keep doing more and more. Oh well back to finishing the half bushel of green beans.


Everything is so impressive! I love the new kitchen cabinet color, it really brightens up the room!

DeeKnitter fm KS

I am following you down the canning lane. 31 pints of applesauce, 25 pints chicken, untold jams and jellies, should start fall tomato canning this week, too. Also as I make soups, stews, chilis etc. I can the extra. Sure love my electric pressure cooker, cans 5 pints or 3 qts and simple as pie to use. Great for leftovers. still have regular big ones for pressure canning and water bath. woohoo for food storage. Also going to can bacon and butter. supposed to last for yrs instead of going bad in freezer. worth a try.

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