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My husband is supremely jealous of your moose. Despite going to college for a year in Lyndonville and spending that year tromping around Vermont and New Hampshire, he has yet to see a moose.


MOOSE!! We have them here, in NE Oregon of all places. Started showing up in a few years ago in the Blue Mountains. A coworker actually had a cow & calf in his backyard a mere 3 miles from town last spring.


I am very surprised that all the plants are approximately at the same stage as mine although we live in the opposite ends of the world (I am in Northern Europe). It is amazing to see your garden, thanks for that glimpse! I feel an inspiration to go and weed mine, but I'm afraid it's more of a procrastination to do the work I have to do. :)
The yarn looks adorable.
But the most amazing I find the picture of your husband - I haven't seen any "before" pictures, but one can easily see how fit and trim this person is - 46 pounds!!!!!! That's wonderful.
And very, VERY elegant photos of the turkeys on the chairs. A very refined, antique look.


Hi Milo!

Nice hearing from you, as always! :)

Thanks for reminding me to water my "window chard"!


oh my gosh, you're living the life i plan to when i retire...

but how FUNNY you posted a pic almost EXACTLY like the one I just did with the metal pitcher full of flowers.


donna lee

I had a couple of those 11/14 yr olds and they try your patience to the very wire.

I love the color you got when you mixed what looked to me like disparate colors. You have a good eye for color. I'm not spinning much unless I can take the wheel outside. Too hot.


What a beautiful garden! I am jealous of your space -- though since I'm always behind on my much tinier one, it's just as well I don't have one the size of yours.

Your husband looks great! Congratulations to the both of you on sticking to it.

Becky in VT

Thanks for the wonderful update! I have just one question - don't the turkeys poop on your porch? What do you do about that? I ask because my chickens have taken to hanging out on my porch All The Time. We have a push broom but it's not really doing the trick...


I wish I could offer encouragement and tell you that the 11/14 thing will go away but alas, it does not and at 15/25 they still want to sit on your knee and yet on some days they would like to tell you where to go instantly!!!!
46lbs gone and it shows! My you guys deserve a medal for the oh-dark-thirty rising each day!!!!
garden looks great and I am glad you updated...I envy your life and still think I can do it some day, smaller scale but still....


Love everything - from the garden to the critters to the fiber to Milo!
I hope you're taking a moment now and then to breathe...


Great update! And I too let the house go when there is gardening to do, but it is finally getting to me.


I have garden envy! Your DH has melted. Hello Milo!


Great looking garden! I can't get over the change in the husband! Congrats to you both on all your hard work.

Milo looks so innocent, but we know better....


You have been super busy - your garden looks great! The 11/14 yr old thing will only get worse. My DD turns 12 on Monday and she tries to act like her sister who is 21. Makes me want to pull my hair out.


It's good to hear from you! You've been busy! Milo is so pretty, and so good at hiding his hell-cat side! And after seeing a picture of your husband, who looks great, we need one of you. (But 4:45 a.m. -- ugh!)


Holy crap, that is quite an update. I am awed by the size of your garden. As a city girl I forget that most people have plenty of room to grow stuff.

I would love to see the other end of your favorite tool!

Non-pectin strawberry jam was "made" in my kitchen as well. I followed every step with extra care and ended up with runny jam. I am begining to believe runny is part of the no pectin deal.

Then there was fiber! Be still my heart. I managed to spin a couple of ounces tonight and feel like Wonder Woman at the end of a day.


With a post like that you don't need to worry about not posting often - thanks for the catch up :)


Your garden is so awesome. It looks like the gardens my grandma used to plant. She never let us steal potatoes though!! I only have 4 tomato plants to show for my terrible efforts this year. We do get a CSA box to supplement what I normally plant. We had so much rain during planting season everything is off.


Jessie, as always thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful garden and animals. I don't envy your schedule/amount of work, but the results do seem worth it. I would love to have even half of that produce :o) Also, please tell your husband he looks great - and younger, too. Congrats to you both on all the hard work.

Lynne S of Oz

Holy cow, look at your garden. I am so jealous! (And the cut husband with his new bod too!) (Not jealous about the 11 going on 14yo ;-)


Hey Jessie - hooray for an update! Did you see the bit about all the Hooker Rd. bears in the AI? Moose at the Fish Hatchery too. This year's flock of wild turkeys (8 poults) surviving very well with "our" blueberries. Love the Milo pic, I have missed seeing him. 8-) Oh yes, your OH & crew did a super job on our roof. Very neat & tidy.


Thanks for the update. I always feel like a lazy bum when I read your posts!


Wow. Hubby is looking great! I haven't seen a picture of him in a while, but I remember he was shaped a lot like someone I know... Your garden makes me jealous. Ours is in a planter this year. I keep telling myself I can grow a few fall crops.


Wow and WOW! Love the turkey pictures, the garden looks great, never had Swiss chard, daughter is growing and so pretty, husband quite svelte, and Milo is still. WOW! Great hearing from you.


I am growing the Swiss chard in reaction to the spinach, which two years in a row has bolted while sprouting. I need some greens I can count on!

Karen M

Whew! Just reading about all your activities makes me tired! It was so good to read your update. Our little garden here on Long Island sure looks puny next to yours. I can just imagine how much work it is, but the rewards must be really nice (and delicious too). And I was just beginning to wonder about Milo . . . and there he was! Have a great rest-of-summer!


OMG i didn't even recognize your husband!!!!!!!


Jessie - for the last two Summers I have been successful with replanting my "Volunteer Tomatoes" from the year before. So far every year its been cherry varieties that come back. Of course its the ones that drop off and rot - that I leave behind. Anyway I had 8+ plants that I moved to rows and so far all of them have tomatoes and I've already picked a few. I didn't buy any cherry tomatoes this year - all of them are what my dad refers to "Green Mountain Volunteers". It's awesome! My dad had some potato volunteers this year - he moved them to our "old pig pen" and they have come right along and he's already dug up some nice little red potatoes from them . Good luck with yours. ps. you need to open a farm stand I think : )


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