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You're coming down here this weekend? Do you have any free time to get together? I'd love to meet up, even if it's just for a cup of coffee.

Becky in VT

As if my kitties would let me forget to pet them...


Happy to hear from you again! I used to work in one of those "automated laying facilities". A few years later, we moved to the country and I raised my own flock of chickens. It never occurred to me to see about getting spent hens from my former employer. What a good idea! And I'm sure it generates good poultry karma.


Oh, Carole I would love to. But we're going to Springfield, not Bridgewater. If we do get down your way I will definitely let you know!



I really enjoy your real-life posts and all the farm animals and goings on. :)
Happy knitting and enjoy the end of fall. Christmas will be here soon!!


I know, right? Mile is very demanding of attention, and very exacting that it be done correctly, or there will be bloodshed.



The transformation those birds make, just learning how to walk around, is something to see. Dust baths? It's a beautiful thing. :-)


Farm life is good and rewarding but I have so much going on lately I haven't really been getting the most out of it. I'm learning that harvest time is hard, even on a small scale, and I hate to say it but I'm looking forward to the winter days when I can't go outside but have to stay in and knit!

martha in mobile

I never thought that the facility layers would look so ratty! I'm gonna tell my big fat hens how lucky they are (as they munch kitchen scraps and yard greens). Good on you for giving them a bit of the chickeny life, however long it lasts.


Good for you for providing the 'retirement home' for the hens! They'll be perfectly good layers for you, no matter what the battery people say.
Milo is such a sweetie - too bad you need a full kevlar suit to pet him...


If you are interested in chickens, check out this Australian farm shrimani.com

You are living my "farm fantasy", well except for having to have a day job too, and I love be able to visit.

donna lee

I once had a cat who liked to "play" by grabbing our arms and biting. She never really hurt anyone but you had to be careful.

I feel like the holidays are just behind me waiting to jump out and say "surprise!".


Glad the new girls are thriving -- that story would make an excellent children's book -- perhaps your daughter could illustrate it? One time I took in some hens from a failing farm, and they brought chicken lice so we had a real mess. Caveat...

I always tried to have a handful of older girls in the coop. Yes, they don't lay quite as often as the youngsters, but the eggs can be extra large and I found the flock was emotionally more stable with the mix of ages. Nobody's going to lay well if they all freak out every time a bird flies overhead. The older birds were unflappable and the few times everybody really did need to flee into the hen house, the old ladies helped the rooster herd the younger fluffs through the door.

None of my girls lasted beyond three years, but they had a lovely chicken's life.

That quantity of apples boggles the mind. Wow.


They're especially friendly, which cracks me up.

As for the apples, we put 33 gallons of cider in the freezer (including some we gave away). What's funny is that we had friends here picking more than we could ever use, even when we weren't home. We'd get home and find all these boxes on the porch that other people had picked. They took a few, but they could have taken more!


Beef stew!

Leave it to me to be most excited over the warm dinner...


I'm happy for your rescue chickens. Our 8 girls started laying in September and the short days haven't slowed them down.


The younger ones sometimes go all year that first year, although the one I have now isn't...

Lynne S of Oz

Busy busy busy!
We'll be able to have chooks at home! Yay! We were given money (birthday present) to build a chicken coop years ago and then we moved here. Can't have chooks in a rental apartment.

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