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(formerly) no-blog-rachel

We got a bunch of stuff done ahead of time too - and like you much of it out of economic necessity. What we didn't buy, I plan to make (most of it cooked, not knit). It's nice not to worry too much about gifts!

I doubt we'll do a tree though - the puppy is just too crazy and I think keeping her out of a tree would be a 24/7 job this year. But decorating will happen and probably soon.

Here's to a simple, happy holiday season!


I think your sweater looks cuddly and cozy and perfect!

that reminds me, I had purchased 5 oz or so of some local alpaca fiber last year and still haven't finished carding and spinning it. :s
instead I'm ogling your Autumn Leaves batt. *sigh* so pretty.


Our shopping is mostly done, also out of economic necessity. Some of it is already shipped! But it's nice now that I don't have to worry about it anymore and I can knit and listen to Christmas music and make cookies if the mood strikes.

I'm glad someone else besides me itches when alpaca touches them (even if it's only on your neck), it makes me itch like crazy.

And lastly, the only reason we don't have a tree up is that we're debating getting a real one vs. hauling out the artificial one. I love real trees, but I hate paying for one that will be discarded after the holidays. Decisions, decisions...


Jen at Cold Antler Farm needs to find a home for Finn her trained pack goat. Maybe a good Christmas Present for your daughter?

Just a though!

Love the sweater, gorgeous!


Ah, sorry, but no. Would love to take one but we're trying to focus on animals we eat these days. :-) (My husband wants a Boer goat to eat, but so far I've held him off.)



Your sweater is just right now. I love the look of funnelnecks and turtlenecks but can't abide them unless there is at least one layer of non-itchy fabric between them and my skin.


Love your sweater!
That's great you're all decorated for Christmas with the tree. I thought about it today -- but didn't get past the thinking about it stage. lol


I'm a bit of a Scrooge and I had to listen to Christmas music all day at work yesterday! At least the weather is still warmer than usual.
I know exactly what you mean about trying to knit gifts with onlookers so I've started a sweater for myself (as camouflage, of course ;)
Your sweater looks very cosy.

donna lee

The decorating is done but the tree won't get done until the 24th (it would be a sacriledge in our house to do it earlier). I have done some shopping but there will be no holiday knitting this year. No time and no inspiration. Maybe I'll start next summer.....


Good for you.


I'm working on a new mindset that says I'm giving myself more lead time for Christmas, and thus less stress. I hope it's true. :-)


When my older brother was little, the tree was a Christmas Eve thing (actually done after he was asleep -- Santa brought the tree).

On the one hand, it must have been all the more exciting to come downstairs and see the tree and all the presents. On the other hand, my poor parents! By the time I came along, they had given up on that. :-)


Love the little korknisser cuties!
Last year was the first year I finally persuaded my husband not to have a tree, but since the grandchildren will be here this year, I guess we'll have to have one. Yay for the grandchildren, sigh for the tree...


Wow, you are a brave, brave knitter. Starting sleeves and hoping that inspiration would hit you like 20k volts from the sky.

Jill H.

has Milo discovered the Knitnissers?


I am keeping them at work for the time being...

There would be carnage.

Andrea (noricum)

Lovely sweater, and those Korknisser are adorable! (Can you believe I started some Korknisser for myself a year or so ago, and haven't finished? :P I like the idea of changing them up a bit.)

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