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Pretty stuff, the yarn and the knitting. I bet the daughter will love the thrums when it gets really really cold and all her friends are whining about their hands being frozen...


Love the handspun for your sweater. I vote for a hoodie, if there's enough yarn.

Nice job on Ishbel. Way to conquer that lace! I don't know what your blocking procedure was, but I usually soak the item for 20+ minutes in water w/no-rinse wool wash (Soak, Eucalan), spin the water out in the washer, then pin it out to dry.

I, too, would like to do away with the "normal, over-the-top Christmas". Sounds like you have a good plan for that. It just wears me out to think I have to out-do last year, at least within the immediate household.


Ah....so I'm not the very first one to blog about Christmas. Am afraid my take isn't as optimistic as yours!

Love the color for the handspun sweater. Surely you'll get an idea on Ravelry!

donna lee

I'm spinning for a sweater for my husband. Some alpaca that I bought at the NJ sheep breeders show. It's so easy to spin and I'm loving it. Next year, I'm buying some for a sweater for ME.


Mmm...pie! Trying to remember the last time I had a slice of pie...


i love Milo, he never gets any better!!
the christmas knitting is kicking in here, I've had a request for knitted tea cosy's from 3 friends, (yes, gay men tell you what they would like knitted for pressies, last year it was cabled scarves).


I'm still in love with the yarn for your handspun sweater.
I'm hoping to have time to play with pumpkins today. Mmmmm... pie...


Nice to hear about the engagement, mittens, Milo and more! My cautious lace "re-entry" project is Pretty Thing, a little lace cowl designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. If I manage to not mess it up then I'll knit a shawl.

No pumpkins here and except for the Juliets, the tomatos did badly. We did pick a lot of apples and rasberries which have been either frozen whole or made into a large batch of applesauce and frozen in smaller batches for baking. Once I feel I can cook for the family again (I'm sick) I'll make another apple pie before the season is over.


Oooo! Pretty mittens!


Yup, pie pumpkins & butternut squash the only really prolific veggies this year. However, the ancient apple trees overdid it AGAIN. I am sneaking applesauce & pumpkin into everything I cook! We have acquired a Big (16lbs) Bully black cat, but he isn't photogenic like Milo.


Your Ishbel is lovely. I've made two, and despite savage blocking, both of them had edges that lost their points.


Congrats on soon gaining another daughter! :o)

Lovely knitting :o))


Milo, what big feet you have!


Hey Jessie, the lace looks awesome, and in such a pretty color! I think I have an idea about the curl. My guess is the bind-off is a bit tight, which is why it wouldn't stretch out into points. No blocking would solve that. A nice loose bind-off is really useful in lace.


Thanks for the advice. I did use the recommended slip stitch bind off (or whatever it's called), which is looser than a regular bind off. I guess I could have tried a larger needle.

Next time.


get a spraybottle to train the cat. He's still a teenager, but will be nicer in another year, I'll bet.
Spritz him down when he's not being sociable. And trim his nails! *guffaw* No, don't, but my goodness he's got big feet and such a nice table manner!


I would be afraid to squirt him with water. He might smother us with a pillow while we slept.

Pom Pom

You are so talented! I love the purple mittens!
The kitty has huge feet! Part rabbit?
You sound happy! Hooray!
Stay warm and share the pie! I want some!


The pie didn't last long...


I tagged you for an award. Hope you don't mind!


Love the Ishbel.... and now I reaaallly want to make a pumpkin pie!

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