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RIP Sophie. From the pictures, I'm thinking your husband is definitely missing her.

Yay for Rocky! What an entertaining turkey.


Oh, I'm so sorry about Sophie. It's so hard so see our animals come and go so quickly.

Sounds like everything else is mostly on track, though -- yippee for Rocky, and your rose yarn looks scruptious.


I am SO sorry to hear about Sophie. She was such a sweetie.

And sorry to hear about Annette and the peacock :-(

But delighted to read about Rocky!

And impressed (as usual I suppose) with your yarn.

Sure wish this summer had let us come for a visit. Perhaps next year will be kinder.


Sad news about Sophie. I can usually resist dogs, but she was a sweetie.


I am the same way about my turkey babies. In fact I have a house poult right now! (His name is Worm.)

I am very sorry about your other critters. Losing them is so hard, I know.


Sorry to hear about Sophie, at least you know she had the best poodle life going. You know... there's a children's book in there with Rocky's rocky start. Rhyming of course.


The handspun is gorgeous!

Sorry about Sophie. We've had our little dog for a year and a half or so and I dread the day...

And I was the one who didn't really want a dog.


I'm very sorry about sweet Sophie.

I too enjoyed "The Tale of Rocky the Turkey".


You've been busy! (The granola came out well...)

So sorry about Sophie, I was always amused to see your (largish sized) dh with such a small dog. They always looks so sweet together.


I love the turkey tale! And if you ever want to sell some batts - please put me on the list. I absolutely LOVE the colors in your handspun there of the reds, etc.


Your sweater yarn is to die for! Love the color and tweedy bits in there. So sorry for all of the recent deaths and the impending ones. Poor Sophie. Loved the story about Rocky.


I's so sorry to hear about Sophie - but glad knowing that you were able to give her a wonderful life away from the mill - I didn't know about that.

Love the tale of Rocky!

Andrea (noricum)

I'm sorry to hear about all your animal family losses! I'm glad Rocky made it, though! *hugs*


Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Sophie! I lost my last dog to a car (also mercifully quick), and it nearly broke my heart. ... This makes it a little harder to be happy about Rocky, though.


I'm sorry to hear about Sophie, happy to hear that Wanda has a new home and amused with your turkey story.


So sorry for your loss of Sophie.


I am the 17th poster but I will say basically the same..I'm sorry for your loss of your doggie. You told a beautiful story this last post and your photo montage was excellent of Sophie.


By the way..I love the nails and would love to see your toenails. That kinda stuff is right up my alley.


Oh, how sad about Sophie! I always laughed at the pictures of your big Hubby fast asleep with Sopie curled up on him. How very sad for you all.


Whew, there sure is a lot going on around you! So sorry about Sophie. My Gran who also lived her whole life on farms said that dogs (and horses) will always leave an impact on you, and losing them is neve easy.

I LOVE the photo of Rocky jogging over the grass!!!! (BTW, can you tell it is a boy??)

I started spinning some of your sock fiber, on a spindle so it is not going fast but I'm still learning and having great fun with it. And I really enjoy seing the process behind dyeing and blending fibers, that is a whole new world to me.


I'm so sorry to read about Sophie....it's so hard to lose them isn't it?

I love the story of Rocky however....what a cutie!


Oh, poor Sophie! I'm so sorry, and I'll miss the pictures of her with your husband. However, the story of Rocky is wonderful. I'll need to share that with my mom, who loves animals but hates poultry (bad childhood experience!).


Goodness, you've had quite a time lately, haven't you? Congratulations on saving Rocky--what a sweet story.

I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. I've always loved the photos of your husband with his animals. I can understand how your family feels--I lost my beloved dog, Maggie, last month. I miss her every day. The house is just too quiet without her.

Big hugs to all of you.


What a sorrowful week. It's good to have Rocky to provide some lightheartedness. The colors of the spinning and dyeing look marvelous.


It's been a hard summer, hasn't it? Too much loss.
Love your batts and yarn. I'm endlessly fascinated by your combinations of fibers and the lovely yarn you make out of them.

Miss Curious

Joyful and sad news wrapped into one post. TOh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. She looked like such a little snuggler. On a joyful note, you seem to be really rockin' out with the spinning this summer and I can't wait to see all that beautiful yarn turn into cozy sweaters. Hope you're enjoying the delicious weather.


I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. I can tell from your stories and pictures how much your animals mean to you and your family.

donna lee

We lost my 20 year old cat the same way, only I was the one driving. It was heartwrenching. I'm sorry you lost Sophie. She always looked so cheerful.

And I would have had to help Rocky along, too. I'm glad he did well and is a member of his original family again. How odd for the turkey mom to look up and see an extra baby.....

Didn't you all lose a bunch of turkeys last year? Something about a fence post hole?


Thank you for sharing your news about the flow of animals through your household -- it is always a risk (we just had a European swallow chick enter his rest after four days of incessant care from my DH and 9 year old son), but the treasure of them does stay in our hearts. We mourn and rejoice with you.


Rough time on the farm! But kudos on Rocky's rehabilitation and reacceptance by momma turkey.


I am so sorry about Sophie. She looked like a sweetie.

lynne s of oz

I'm sorry to hear about Sophie - an awful thing for all parties! And about Hoss. And your poor old pussy cat, the one that dangled by a claw from your face.
But what an amazing story Rocky is! (hence the name I guess)


So sorry to hear about your loos of Sophie and other animals. The turkey boy though is a wonderful tale.

Your yarn looks gorgeous!

Mary Lou Keenan

Sorry for your losses....I grieved for weeks when my little pup had to leave this world. Thank you for the entertaining adventures of Rocky. And your spinning is beautiful! Heh, where I used to teach, it got so cold that I had to wear gloves when I played the piano, no joke. What a waste of air-conditioning! Blogless Mary Lou

Pom Pom

The news of Sophie made me cry.
I hope Wanda's happy. She was fun to look at.
The turkey baby sounds so sweet and your yarn is GORGEOUS!


I am so sorry about Sophie! I am really going to miss the pictures that you post of her.


I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. I always loved the pictures of her snuggling with your husband.


OK, that wasn't fair. You had me laughing at Rocky's antics at the beginning of your post, and I ended up with tears in my eyes reading about Sophie. Actually, it was the pictures with your husband that got me, especially the first one. Even though, as you say, farmers have to get used to death, I'm not sure that the frequency of it makes it any easier.

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