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Thanks for all the pictures of life on the farm. And the eagle visit is really cool - except maybe the trout don't think so.


Ah, I always wondered how the chicks hatched at the same time when the eggs are laid on different days.

Yes, love the farm photos. I can almost smell the pig pen!

We've been without broadcast TV for maybe 3 years, ever since the roof antenna (remember those?) went kaput and my husband never went up to fix it. I don't miss it at all, and wish my husband had backed me up when the kids were young and I wanted to ditch it then. People wonder how I am still able to be up on current events - well I can read a newspaper. We've never had cable as I am too cheap, but we do have Netflix, so I can choose what to watch. Good for your daughter finding real things to do with her time. She sure has a lot to keep her busy on the farm!


I love all your pictures! I haven't had cable TV for more than 10 years now and actually haven't owned a TV for abut 5 (we used one for DVDs for a while). Internet does it for me.

I think that as we've downsized we have definitely become happier. I now have a 10th the yarn stash I used to and haven't bought yarn in months but I LOVE each and every skein I have (including some of yours). I think I might be finally coming to the end of my affluenze and while I might backslide and have a relapse now and then (fiber festivals coming up) I think it won't be a lifestyle ever again.

lynne s of oz

Your *nine* year old!!! She's growing up!
Looks like Spring is springing :-)
We have silver perch in a water tank at home and boy when they are hungry and get fed, it turns into a feeding frenzy! The water boils just below the surface with occasional silver bodies flashing out of it.
We haven't had a TV since we moved to the States. We mostly get stuff from the library and do some internet downloads. It suffices and there are NO ADs! :-D


Love the animals updates. That Ed is impressive - Roy better look out! Sorry I missed one of your hubby's apple wood nostepinnes. Will he be making more??


I'll have to watch for that book. With all the emphasis on "more", people have lost the ability to recognize "enough." TV (especially the commercials) feeds this More-more-more mindset.
We ditched TV 7 or 8 years ago. I can watch movies or shows online, or we can buy movies that we like enough to watch over and over.

Love all your photos! I wish we had more acreage - we'd have a farm so fast!


Would your friend make a duplicate of her necklace? I'd love to gift it to a friend.


I love your farm! I lost my little farmette in the divorce, but am toying with returning to the land when I retire. The only thing I watch on tv is NFL football (go Colts!) and once in a while I check the weather (like when the sirens go off). After you have not watched tv in a while, it all seems so stupid and mentally intrusive and such a waste - junk food for the brain. We never had cable while the kids were growing up, and as adults, they are selective about what they watch. Besides, they have lives to live!


I have a trout question.
(I'll bet I'm the only one who's ever said that in the comments) We inherited trout in our pond when we moved in and a big bag of food (which I thought was dog food at first, I am a city girl, shoot me) How often do you actually feed them? And how big do you let them get before they are dinner?


You have a very active farm with enough entertainment, more entertainment than anything on cable. It's great to hear from you. My, all the stuff in the shop sure is nice!

donna lee

It's been a few years since we gave up on the television and no one seems to miss it. We watch dvd's on the computer. I got tired of paying an exorbitant cable bill every month for a service we don't use. We get dsl from verizon and it's been great.


your farm is just bloomin' with fabulous critters! And good for you dumping cable tv - I've not had it for a few years now, and I love that. Neither of my girls grew up with TV, and they honestly don't miss it at all.
LOVE your photos - I think my favorite is Milo on the fence, lounging over the chickens.


Wow you've been busy! ;o)

As soon as we have actual high-speed here I will probably follow through with my threats to kill most of the DirecTV lineup that costs an arm and a leg each month but until then it's Dancing with the Stars in HD for me ;o)


Never a dull moment at the farm! Love how the animal personalities come through in the pictures and how Milo sneaks in everywhere, the goat gossip photo is great!


Milo is so funny. All the animals seem really happy to see spring too. We still have the odd bit of snowbank here and there and no flowers as yet. I am holding out hope for someday though.

The cows are nice looking, but I've never been fond of them. I never knew why until my Mother told me of the time we went to a farm that belonged to friends of her parents. Apparently I was a baby at the time and was asleep in my car seat with the window down. The car was parked next to what had appeared to be an empty paddock. No one noticed the cow wander up and stick it's head in the window. When it mooed right above me and I began to scream, they all came flying though. Supposedly I was jumpy the whole weekend we were there and haven't been fond of cows since.


This whole post made me smile. Thanks for the glimpse of life in your world.

And those nostepinnes are gorgeous!

Debbie(purlypig on Rav)

I thouroughly enjoyed your post. I am still struggling with getting a sourdough starter that won't mold. No cable here either. Don't miss a bit of it. I am using an old wooden jump rope handle for a nostepinne. Your nostepinne are beautiful. Thanks for sharing Spring in Vermont.


I'm waaaay behind on blogs and trying to catch up. I wanted to tell you this is the best post I've read all day! Wonderful spring - I want chickens more than ever. And maybe a pig.

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