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The BFL is gorgeous and that is a super shade of red. I would like finding the eggs, too. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt!

Miss Curious

I am also trying to surround myself with as much colorful fiber as possible since it's been awfully brown with just a hint of white the past few weeks. Do you sugar at all? The maple syrup always takes some of the sting out of March. Hope your "real job" is going well. I haven't been writing my blog at all, but I am writing the blog for the Knitting Studio at www.vtknits.typepad.com . Check it out. Happy Spring! Before you know, it'll be time for fresh peas and strawberries.


I hear you on the tired of winter and raise you 2" of snow this morning!! I've been carding batts and need to do some that are a bit more subtle but for right now, color is a good thing *lol*

BTW, I LOVE that commercial *lolol*


I love foreign condom commercials. They're so honest.
The goats are all sorts of hilarious!


Gorgeous fibers! Love the curious goats. I may be biased after growing up with goats, but IMO they have more personality than sheep. I want chickens again. I doubt my yuppy-type neighbors would approve though.


Love the goat pix and your eggs are gorgeous. Who needs Easter egg dye? And, I can attest that your imperfects and fabulous. My PurplePi (close, but incomplete) shawl is in your one of your "flawed" dye jobs and I love her and so does everyone who has seen her!!!!!


Pretty roving! It makes me wish I was into spinning. The thai food looks great too.


That commercial is just plain wrong on so many levels...


Beautiful fiber. I take it the hand-carded roving has been sold (she asks whistfully...)??


Beatiful colors! It's still kind of grey down here too...snowdrops usually get me excited for spring but this year I realized they don't actually add *color* to anything. *sigh*


Love the fiber colors you've put up. The goats are cute and nosy, and that commercial priceless! I can't say that I miss those supermarket meltdowns much, or having a 2 year old finding the candy bins, filling up the gallon sized bag 3/4 full before I caught her in the act and then her high tailing it down the aisles as candy slipped out of the hole in the bag leaving a trail behind her. I was 42 weeks pregnant with my son and all I could muster up was a fast waddle in her general direction.


He,he,he LOL- I showed this one to my son on 17!! use condoms.
It´s hilarious.


The colors in the rovings literally made me gasp! SO. Desperate. For. Color...
This time of year, Vermont is so gray. And brown. And more gray.
Love the goat pics! So curious.
And now I'm hungry for Thai food. I had to train my husband to tolerate the spicy - I nearly killed him the first time I made him Thai curry. 8)


Your posts are always so
comprehensive without being boring.

Love that red blend fiber...it looks like embers of a waning fire.

donna lee

I'm not a fan of spicy so I usually remove all the spicy bits from recipes that I want to try. My husband hasn't met a hot sauce/pepper he doesn't like so he adds his at the table.

I hear you on the color! I was so pleased this weekend to see some daffodills and crocuses come up, I could have cried. Color is finally coming back into the grass! For some reason, this year I seem to be particularly in need of some color. Maybe it's the depressing economic news....


The color is wonderful. I so enjoyed the profusion of color in Florida... and was pleased to see that the daffodils are up in my front yard when I got home. I'm not sure I could have sanely returned to NO color at all.
The commercial, which I'd missed, is hysterical.

Pepper Stitches

I've just nominated you for a lemonade award and linked to you from my blog :)
love your work!

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