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Looks great, and the color is just PERFECT for you.


And in only five weeks!


I think it looks terrific, Jessie!


I agree, just perfect! You're going to get a lot of enjoyment out of that sweater, I can tell. 8)
And the Neck-Down Hooded one looks like the best ever transitional sweater for our climate. Can't wait to watch your progress on that one.
And I'm just swooning over that top.... Breathtaking!


Nice sweater. I love the way that roving looks with the black and the dyed fibers blended together. It's going to be gorgeous yarn.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel


I'm making another one. I've never made 2 of the same sweater before but this one is great AND quick.


The sweater is absolutely gorgeous on you, color and all. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, can't wait for Monday! I love the way the batt turned out the Black alpaca and merino/bamboo.


Your sweater looks wonderful, and I can tell from your smile in the pics that you think so too! Yippee!

And ooh, that batt ... yummy!


Looks terrific. The color is great and the design looks good on you.


Oh it's lovely! I have mine in the drawer...well ok, I have the yarn in the drawer, but still getting the nerve to try it. I've never knit a sweater. I think I'm most jealous of the size of yours! Ahhh I'm sure at some time I wore an extra small..maybe when I was 10 :-)


You're going to suck me in....
I'm trying so hard to resist this sweater, and then someone like YOU posts a gorgeous one, and I want to knit one.


It's beautiful on you!


Very nice!! It's a fun sweater to knit and wear. You look fabulous!

Madame Purl

Gorgeous color. Looks perfect on you! Yeah!!!


Fantastic February! Everything came together perfectly for you. I'm planning to make the baby version for our new little niece.


Your FLS is stunning.
Great color on you!


The Ravelry nunmbers are likely to rise even more after you've shown yours, it looks stunning on you!!!
I'm making Shalom which have a similar construction, otherwise I would have jumped on this wagon. But maybe I should look on the baby version again, have some nice handdyed sockyarn that would be perfect ;-D


I'd have to make one with long sleeves I think, it's freezing around here!
And btw, the walnut hair dye did not work! So disappointing.


It is absolutely perfect on you - I love the fit and the style and the color is a knockout. YAY!

Bet you get a LOT of wear out of that one. :)


Love. It. The color and fit are both perfect!


That's so pretty. I love the garnet color you chose.


It's gorgeous and you did a great job...!
(It's on my queue!)


Oh, that is so beautiful! You look great and I love the color you used!


That's one of the nicest FLS's I've seen! Nice color choice.


Hey, I know you don't do much "meme-y" stuff, but I just tagged you for listing seven things you love, if you are interested. I found it unexpectedly difficult to isolate seven individual things, so it was kind of neat.

Gorgeous batt, btw, my fingers are all tingly at it. :)


I was not originally a big fan of this sweater, then saw some around blogland and thought "well, I guess it's ok", and then at Rhinebeck, every other sweater was this one! Here's my take away on that... some were good, and there were a lot that, well, were not. Yours looks great and great on you!


It looks SO good, Jessie. I have some Patons Classic Merino in my stash that I want to get knit up and I just may make one of these!

lynne s of oz

Oh, I feel myself succumbing - your FBS looks great!


This looks great on you! Beautiful color.

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