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3 blueberries, now that's gardening I can relate to!


Oh, sorry about hubby. They are generally no fun at all when they are laid up. The cider looks good and hopefully next summer we won't be living in the Pacific Northwest Rain Forest.

You may get rain but we're expecting a few inches of the white stuff. No worries here, there's wood, and my bread yesterday wasn't too bad at all. Need to work on it but it's coming along.


Hope your husband's recovery goes quickly and smoothly! Love the neckwarmer/earwarmer. I see one in my future! And thanks for the Milo photo.


looks like good stuff. I would be happy with some nasty weather right now. It's still in the 90s here, and I'm kinda over it.


I always love your posts--they're always filled with so many interesting things. Like, your own cider press! Not to mention all those homemade doughnuts....


Love the mittens. What would you have done if her initials were R.L.?


Get well soon, dude, and great job on that press!

Mmmm, mmm! Fresh cider and doughnuts. Wish I lived in Vermont. :o(

PS - J, what's your sandwich bread recipe?


Those donuts look fabulous. I'd have to leave here Thursday night to get there in time to eat them on Friday morning but they look like they'd be worth it!


Yes, they are "holes." The recipe my great-grandmother (from Maine) taught me has a bit of freshly grated nutmeg. Yum...


Depending on how many bushels you plan to press each year, your best bet may be a dedicated chipper-shredder. The apples that come out are really nice for pressing, the apple leftovers can be composted relatively easily or given to animals [from what I hear, as I don't have any animals yet]. As long as you only use it for apples, and only use apples you pick [rather than apples that hit the ground] you have a low risk for contamination.


I used to bake all our bread and, after buying a small loaf for $3.50 the other day, I just may start again! I envy your country life but I'm pretty citified these days. Your lovely neckwarmer-earwarmer gave me an idea for an xmas present. Thanks!


You guys are always having so much fun! The cider press looks so cool. I hope your hubby's up and about soon, in time for the next batch of dough nuts! And, oh my wow, your daughter is getting so big! Kids seem to have grown like crazy this summer. My son is more than half my height at 5 after being the "shorty".

The Glittens came out great and your yarn looks delicious. I'm going to have to drop some birthday hints around my house ;-)


You just amaze me ! I have spent the last several nights reading everything on your site, including old archives. I for sure am missing the East and I really really want Your February sweater! I envy your life and what richness it emanates. Lots of love :o)


I just love that cowl/headband! I think I must make me one.

And healing thoughts go out to your hubbie... tell him to go ahead and cuddle with Milo, since this is probably the only time he'll get to sit/lay still for a few months. so it's a relax and enjoy it :-) Hope he's all better soon.


Hope hubby feels better soon! Love the last picture of daughter! So cute in the headband/neckwarmer. Has she been doing anymore dyeing lately?

donna lee

No snow down here, just cold,cold rain. And lots of it. Rained out the World Series. (not that I'm watching but with the philadelphia team playing, it's unavoidable). When I was home with the kids, I baked all of our bread. We ate a lot more bread than we do now. I'd bake two loaves twice a week and there was never any gone stale. Now, I bake on weekends when I can and use the bread machine when I can't. It's serviceable but not nearly as good as what I used to make.


She is a cuite your girl. That neck warmer/ head band is great . Thanks for chearing.


Is it early for snow up your way? It is cold and wet here in the mid-Atlantic. I hope you are planning on knitting yourself another neckwarmer. I really like the colors in Blaze. And Milo is being a good boy and keeping his daddy safe.


I love those mitts!
For the amount of money spent on our thigh high gardening beds we didn't even break even but I wa surprised by how much did successful grow. After all, I regularly kill houseplants.
The doughnuts look wonderful. Have you ever tried baked doughnuts?


Oh man! I haven't had homemade donuts since my great-grandmother passed away in the 70s.

How far is Vermont from southern Ontario?

Hope hubby heals quickly.


You'll have to make Mark a doughnut big enough to sit on...I'll be there for cinnamon sugar ones next week...I'm wearing my neck warmer today too, waiting for sweater and scarf weather in the next weeks...I just shampooed the sweater so I'll be leaving trails of Mo for a few more weeks...


Wow, that cider press is beautiful. We have lots of apples, but no cider press. It always seems to work that way. Hopefully, we will be able to use a friend's press this weekend. Those doughnuts look yummy. I bet your 457 brother-in-laws will appreciate them. The neckwarmer/headband and mitten/gloves are beautiful. Lucky girl...all those multi-purpose knitted accessories.


Ohhh the doughnuts look so yummy! Lucky 39 bils. My mom used to make potato doughnuts..now I need to go see if I can find the recipe. I think I can afford potatoes..or maybe not *G*


Darn you, Jessie - you've done it again...
Now I not only have yarn envy, I'm hungry for doughnuts, too.
My husband got all excited last year when I bought a big doughnut cutter, but it occurs to me that I've yet to use it. (I probably shouldn't ought to tease him that way...)
Doughnuts just hit today's to-do list.


Are those apple cider donuts? They look yummy. Glad to hear you were picked clean of your Aran. I would have done yet more damage on paypal :-) Speedy recovery to your reclining hubbie. Love the cider press and the headband/ cowl looks way cute on your daughter.

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