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Good luck with those gloves!


I actually thought about starting a sweater yesterday but it went away... the thought that is! I'm always impressed by sweater knitters, it seems like more of a commitment than chickens or a garden!

I wonder if your cat is channeling mine? At least my cat like he used to be. He has not presented us with even one dead thing since we moved and in Idaho it was daily. Hmmmm.... very wierd.


Beautiful! Wow, clearing a road in 36 hours? I guess you'd want to move that fast, lest the people you wanted to cannon found out you were there and came after you.


Fall is beautiful in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the history lesson! The views are spectacular, too!


Lovely pics and jewelry. As for Milo? He's doing what he does. Those same bunnies eat your greens and all kinds of stuff. I sound mean, don't I? Just in case you think I'm farm material. I whimper when your turkeys die or a pig gets slaughtered. I've just been battling bunnies for a long time now. Damn things.


Mt. Defiance is one of my favourite hiding spots - that and a pull off on Lincoln road along the river, or Arnold Bay in Panton. An hour there with a large mug of coffee and a good book recharges my batteries for weeks.

10 years ago we were looking at land on Foote Street Ext. We could have been neighbours.


Oh my. Middlebury? My aunt lived in Ripton. I have many fond memories. Fort Ticonderoga. OH MY. Lake Champlain? Another aunt had a summer camp in Burlington. You and Norma are going to make me want to move north! 'Tis my favorite season in Vermont... thank you for reminding me of it's beauty!!!

(And that's gorgeous jewelry..if only I wore silver!)

donna lee

My cat left a dead bird on the front step for us this morning. What a way to say Good morning. I like the Feb lady sweater and even have yarn set aside for it but the sheer number of people who have made it kinda defeats the purpose of a handknit for me (to have an original sweater). I offered my husband fingerless mitts but he wants fingerless gloves. I'm not sure I want to mess around with gloves, fingerless or otherwise.


Everything is so PRETTY! All of it. The fiber, the scenery, the jewelry....


What historically wonderful and interesting field trips your daughter's school has! The only claim to fame where I live is that it's home to U-Haul. The leaves are beginning to really show their beauty. This is my favorite time of year (I even named one of my daughters Autumn). The bombyx silk is gorgeous, especially the Monet.


The scenery is very beautiful, but oh...that Monet's Bridge is almost to pretty for words. Oh..why can't I learn to spin???


This post was just pretty-overload. Seriously. I had to shut down and go do something else for a while before I could come back...
The views, the jewelry, the fiber! (Especially the fiber... Views I've got, jewelry I don't wear, but that fiber....)


I accosted a woman in the grocery store parking lot yesterday who had on a gorgeous layered knitted dress. She had bought it from a high-end boutique . When I got home I sketched it out so I'd remember.
Beautiful photos. It has already got cold here and now it's warm again but that won't last. I have already put on gloves for holding the cold steering wheel in the mornings.
Monet's bridge? My favourite name.
Sea glass? My fav colour.


That roving is gorgeous!! So is the jewelry. As much as I LOVE my cats..... I found a tail on the sidewalk the other day - just a tail - maybe from a baby squirrel - I'm not sure.

Helen Suzanne

Hi I've just found your blog and have spent a lovely half hour reading your woolly exploits. I've just started spinning so am encouraged that you're still just doing what works and now getting to explore a different style. There is no one that I know of on the island here that spins so I'll be keeping an eye on your adventures (love the piggies too)


I've stood on that same spot on Mount Defiance, behind the cannon. An eagle obligingly came out and flew around for us. I spent a weekend in Ticonderoga and went to Vermont on the Ti Ferry - I was with someone I shouldn't have been with and it was all intensely romantic :) Spring, not fall, but very lovely. You don't get much wider open views than that. Thanks for posting it.


It's amazing to us 21st century softies what feats people performed without modern tools.
And speaking of soft, I want to dive into that fiber!

Andrea (noricum)

Ooooo! Beautiful roving and jewelry! I especially love "sea glass" and that first necklace. :)

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