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Fudd had a good life for a pig.

Love the hat and you're right about Holly Hobby. There's no telling what she had under that hat.


What a nice tribute to Fudd. I'm sure it wasn't easy in the end but you are right, he had a good life.


RIP Fudd. He'll live on in your family. Love your hat and yarn. I've been in the mood to spin, too. It's the need for wool that drives us.


Sorry about Fudd, that's a tough one. Sounds like everything else is good, though, and you've got to take the good with the bad.


Your husband's resemblance to Holly Hobby is spooky. RIP, Fudd. You were a good pig. Your produce looks yummy! Although I must admit, I'm just about corn-on-the-cobbed out.


Poor ol' Fudd, he was a good pig. Love that hat. I wish I lived somewhere cold enough to wear one!


Coming out of lurkdom to say that I'll be making the trip to the VT Sheep & Wool festival. If I see you, I may come and introduce myself - that is, if I successfully overcome my shyness...


ah life on the farm...it's not all rainbows and yummy corn. ;o)

Love the handspun - and the modeling. ;op

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Awww..I'm sorry about Fudd. But he did lead a good pig's life and you did the right thing.

Your BFL is beautious!


Sorry about the boar. Any way you can salvage the meat for the cats/dogs??


Aww ... goodbye, Fudd.

And--Holly Hobby! I haven't seen her in ages, but I used to have her curtains and bedspread when I was little. (She said I could have them.) And my stuffed HH doll with her friend Heather is stashed away somewhere, too...


Dear Fudd. We'll miss him. Will you be getting another boar to replace him for Sassy?


Bye, Fudd. He had a good life, though- lots of sunshine,food, rambunctious sex...did you ever take him to a rock concert? I think that your husband is quite a good sport, modeling that ear flap hat and being compared to Holly Hobby. Either that or you scared the shit out of him with your five weeks of PMS and he's just happy to be alive. Hope to see you at the festival this weekend.


I couldn't have said it better than Missscurious. So will you be around this weekend?


Poor old Fudd - but he certainly did have a good pig-life. Do you think Sassy misses him?

And perhaps your husband could be the prototype for Holly Hobby's dad...


We're teetering on the brink of sweet corn - the silks are just starting to dry out. Holding our breath that frost will hold off long enough for us to harvest it.
I'll be at Vermont Sheep & Wool - probably on Saturday. With my daughter in tow, if she can manage to get the day off. And possibly my MIL as well.
I hope it doesn't rain....
RIP, Fudd.


Fudd, we hardly knew ye. Love the handspun and the ear flap hat.


i know that I'm supposed to think 'circle of life' and all that ..and fudd did have a good life..

nice hat and it take a strong man to be compared to Holly Hobby!


Sorry about Fudd. Wonder what he'll come back as? What's the next step up after being a virtuous pig?

Love the photo of your DH.


Awesome hat....I am amazed at how well it knit up on 6's.

I am in awe of your spinning! I wish I could just get my strands to stand consistently one size...I have been spinning lately and maybe it is just that I need to do that more often...

Your veggies are looking fabulous!


I love picking tomatoes with my T-shirt basket too. :) We are soldering through what's become an infestation of Sweet 100s.


Farm life - it can be a bummer sometimes, but it sounds like you made a very good choice.
love the hat. and thanks for the great chuckle about the holly hobbie look-alike :-)


Poor Fudd. I enjoyed reading about his exploits.
Your handspun truly is awesome.
I'm reveling in fresh corn (not mine) and tomatoes (mostly mine). Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

donna lee

August was lovely, wasn't it? I never thought I would say that but this year it was the best of the summer months. Sorry to hear about Fudd. And the photos of the yarn are gorgeous. You make me want to keep spinning so someday my yarn can look that good. Now I am attempting to ply some and it's a challenge.


I'll never look at Holly Hobby the same way again!

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