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Pig escape?! Can't wait! ;-)


Oh, how I love your amazing variations over a much underrated colour, my favourite grey.

And apples. Love apples.


I absolutely love that hat!


I love the new hat - it really looks beautiful in your handspun. Now I want apple pie. Thanks a lot.


I love the handspun hat. Very nice. Must go find the pattern, I like the shape.

I love pigs! How fun.


Great hat, great yarn (even if a "trifle" heavy...), and pigs, pigs, pigs!
You covered a lot of territory in this post. Take a deep breath, now.

I was absolutely thrilled to meet you at VS&W! I've admired your blog for the longest time. (Chicken Pictures!! And Peacocks!! And Yarn!! And Pigs!!)
Looking forward to the pig escape story. Pigs are wily critters.
My dad raises them, too. Recently a bunch of them kept getting out, and he couldn't figure out how. He finally traced it to a gate latch where they had removed all the nuts from the bolts (with their teeth!) until the latch only LOOKED like it was fastened...
Wily, I tell ya...


Ohmigosh there was so much lovely in this post I can barely stand it! Except for those naughty pigs. *G* And now I have a craving for applesauce mmmmmm! Maybe with a piece of Vermont cheddar?


The hat is gorgeous in your yarn and looks like it will keep him toasty. Good luck playing with sweater design. Someday I'll take the plunge. Mmmmmm applesauce.


Love the hat! And where has Milo been? Did something happen to Milo and I missed it?


Love the hat, the pigs, the apples and the yarn.
Looking forward to part 2 with Sophie and what about Milo?


Really must check out your shop next time I have yarn money!


Wow you are busy! I'm sorry I missed VT but I just couldn't face the 3 hour drive back and forth again this year after the great road trip of '08. ;o) Let me know when you'll be in my neck of the woods again and maybe we can orchestrate lunch or something. :o)

Spinning Fishwife

I love your blog too, so I've given you one of my awards!


Pig escape?? hahahahaha
your handspun looks so wonderful.
and you know, since alpaca is so very dense, maybe you could knit and airy vest out of it (and thus have enough??) fingers crossed.
and that aran vest is going to be lovely when you're done.


Ooh, the hat is fabulous! Nice yarn, too, even if it didn't come out as expected.

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