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You certainly bring the good, bad and ugly of farm life to us city chicks.
I'm drooling over the fiber...d r o o o o o l i n g.


So sorry about all the poultry mishaps. Beer before dinner with buzzing bees sounds beautiful. (Do I get an A for alliteration?)


What do the trees smell like? We have flowering trees around here that smell like grapes and I'm trying to figure out what they are.


Love the new yarn.

Your place is going to be known as that Funeral Feather Flock soon. Maybe you need some Guineas, they could guard the pea hen (hopefully she's okay).


I'm sorry to hear the sad news, especially about Daisy. I don't know if I ever commented about this, but I always enjoyed seeing her in your photos since I've always had a soft spot for Light Brahmas. I used to have a Light Brahma chicken friend named Sam, and she was so sweet. she would come running if I tossed something in the air, and then she'd sit on my foot or my knee and I'd feed her grass (which I picked on the spot--okay so I spoiled her). she seemed to enjoy being petted and would take a short nap on my foot or knee. one time when I was feeling glum and hid in the chicken house, she came in and reached her head up to my shoulder and gave me a nuzzle. she was a very special chicken.


Poor birdies. At least they led a happy life prior to their demise. Stupid turkeys.


Deviant, murdering turkeys?! I thought this was a family blog ;o)

Sorry about the poultry!


The more I've been reading up on poultry, the more I learn about their surprisingly violent nature. Probably moreso in the abnormally bred types.
I love when the maple trees in the backyard are in flower and smell so incredibly sweet, with hordes of happy bees buzzing away at dusk.

donna lee

The bees in the yard make me nervous. I am allergic to beestings (epi-pen allergic). I've been stung 3 times, all three times minding my own business. The first thing I do when I get new wool/ roving is to smell it. I love when it still smells sheepy. It makes me feel more connected somehow.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

That undyed Real Vermont is gorgeous! Yay GM Spinnery. And holy cow - 37 POUNDS? That's got to take up some space.


awww~So sorry to hear about Daisy and the little ones. Bad turkey! Bad! I do hope you're having fun with your new fiber! Looks fabulous! bzz bzz


so sorry about the attrition rate of the hens. sigh. farm life.
Love the little photo of the hummer on the clothesline!
And what a small world - I know Terry and Susan of Rainbow Yarns Northwest - great people! And I have some of their fiber in my stash as well :-)


You will love spinning the Pygora! Pygora is my new favorite fiber. I just spun some for a lacy scarf last week.


I'm sorry to hear about your bird loss. I hope that the peahen is just nest sitting.
And the new yarn looks lovely.


Oh My! So much carnage and danger on the farm! I reckon that's all part of farm life. The stranded mitten is really pretty. Love the sock, too. That's too funny about the pond!

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