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Good thinking on Hubby's part helping the chick to hatch. That seems like the right amount of intervention. Now that turkey mom sure has her work cut out for her!


They're sooo cute! And the gray piggies, are they striped? So cool! I think it's hilarious that YOU would buy yarn at a LYS! ~snort~


The piglets are getting to be so cute! Dad sure is laid back!!!

How wonderful that the poulets have a new mom and that they are going to be one big happy family!

Going over to check out your shop...


I think you made the right decision helping the poult hatch. It seems like the more dangerous thing is to crack the egg when you hear them peeping in there.

Maybe next time you can keep one poult for your daughter to cuddle? My grandmother says that ducks make the best pets, though. Maybe you should get some ducklings?

Listen to me, trying to get you to take on more animals! Like you don't have enough already! :)


Oh man. This post is sooo good.

I'd only come back as a pig or a turkey if I could belong to you guys. I know I'd be for eating (we all have to go some way), but what a fine time I'd have while alive.


You have chicks, I have embryonic pears. But remind me -- you have a rooster? I didn't remember that.


Now I've got a piggy desktop again.

The sight of Sassy escaping to the wallow made me think of this book http://tinyurl.com/53zat7 Humans, elephants or pigs, we're all the same :)


Those little piggy tails! And the turkey poults, good job, I've heard it's not an easy thing, getting turkey babies!

I have been spinning away on Rambo, he's lovely, but when I opened up my package of alpaca/silk, it took my breath away. It is so beautiful and soft! Robby threw a fit because I only let him hug it for a minute :)


Jessie I could cry from the overwhelming sweetness of this post!! I love it. The pigs are just Too Much.

Girl. I just bought a drum carder. I Can Not WAIT to create the most perfect silk blend for a handspun Clapotis. It's what I've been waiting for since the first time I saw the pattern over three years ago! Oh my word, in the beginning it was "I can't afford the pattern yarn." Then it was "I want to hand paint it." Then it was... no... handpainted handspun - yes - that will be my Dream Clapotis.

But. What. Color? lol


Thanks for the super post. I told you once that I want to live at your house, and now I do even more. When I saw the picture of Sassy taking her babies out, I had to check my mirror. I swear, she and I have the same backside! I think I really would fit in at your house, but I do not want to share a bed with Sassy.

lynne s of oz

Wow - your farm is really coming along! Wish I could try some of your homegrown meat (but not yet - it's all a little small ;-).
Odd thing about the chickens with their overgrown breastmeat - I much prefer thigh meat.


Wow you guys have quite the animal collection going! ;o)

btw, your garden bed made me a bit lightheaded...my grandmother used to garden on that scale (she had six kids and was a 'war bride' so it was a victory garden to begin with) and frankly it intimidates the hell out of me.


am laughing hysterically at the 'calgon take me away' thought and photo..
You're such a hoot. :-)
great piggy photos.
Not to worry about your daughter not speaking to you over the poults, (I'm sure that you weren't anyway) She'll soon forgive you (smile)


You have the best pictures!!! Don't know where to start other than to say you all have been BUSY up there in Vermont! Enjoyed catching up with your posts.


Piggies! They remind me of Babe... and Charlotte's Web...

Uh, you sound busy. How do you have time to post?!? :-)

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