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love that new hog heaven
and your veggie "garden".. all I can say is whoa! You're gonna be a busy gal this summer.
Your farm looks like a scene out of Eden.


"Garden". Ha. Mine (4X6) is a garden. Yours is a farm.
I'm curious about the chickens - do you send them somewhere for processing or do you have to do all the yucky stuff yourself?

martha in mobile

You've really gone "whole hog" into the homestead scene! It does feel good to know that your future food has a good (if short) life. While we don't eat our hens, I am glad that they live well while providing eggs for us.




Ah, Spring! Look at those piggies and new chickies! Definitely does not suck. :)


I'm totally impressed with your homestead this year!!


The peacock plummage would make a lovely shawl pattern! Love reading your blog, I've always wanted to have a farm like yours.
Happy weekend!!!


Ah, springtime. Cornish cross? I tell ya, from what I've seen, those guys don't really respond to the good life--they still just sit around the feeder. But, you never know. Jersey Giants (a heritage breed) will size up as well, but haver a slower growth rate, will forage, etc. (This is not me criticizing you--just passing on what we've learned.)
We may be branching out into meat rabbits this year.


Wish we could grow lots of yummy veggies here. But our yard is almost totally in shadow most of the day. The hazards of mature trees on a half acre lot!


Thanks for sharing your spring with us.
It makes me long to live where there are no home owners associations or city ordinances to control what sorts of critters can hang out in my back yard!


Piggies like fresh cornstocks.. but you probably already knew that.
: )

Radar Love? That cracked me up.


'Radar Love'. You kill me!

You live in my idea of Nirvana (except of course I'm ignoring the fact that you've got a mortgage, bills, and all of the issues the rest of us have - it just looks damn fine).


Pigs are just cute and that's all there is to it. If my dad didn't stubbornly remain on a dial up connection, I'd email him the picture of your corn planter. That's just cool. You do live in nirvana! Well, except for the chores.


bucolic heaven. thank you for sharing this life so different from my own. Lovely!


Your life is so different from mine - but, it looks like you are so happy! Love seeing all your animals...and watching them as they grow.


Yep, it totally doesn't suck, and you are doing it up in such fine style, too. I am *this close* to getting hens. Well, in my fantasies, anyway.


How.... pastoral! Even though that tractor and corn planter were made before I was born, they remind me of my childhood -- I guess you don't trade in a tractor every two years!


I live my virtual idyllic farm life through your blog.
If a chicken is going to be dinner someday, it should at least live a happy chicken life such as you are providing. What breed are your chicks? And are there still non-mutated breeds that are raised for meat?
Looking forward to the unfolding story of the Little Red Hen wheat.


No kidding it doesn't suck! Whoa, I am rather jealous of your humongous giganto garden space... lots of room for squash and corn and things we have no room for in our 30-40 foot on a side square garden!

Mary Lou

Love the photos! What a lovely homestead you have! No wonder you don't want to stay inside...there's so much going on outdoors!


Nearly 20 years ago, my in-laws raised the chickens for our wedding reception. They were the best tasting chickens but they sure were stupid critters!

I love looking at the pictures of your farm. Thanks for posting so many.


Could I move into the chick loft? You'd barely know I was there. I've never been to the north east, but thanks to you I'm in love with Vermont. Happy Mother's Day!


Great post.. I think you should print that very last picture exactly as you have it there and frame it for your wall. about 18" high by 4 ft long!! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! I am envious!


It sure doesn't suck! But, I kept looking at the pictures thinking, she must have hid the sock in there somewhere, where are they?
I'll be up in VT in about 4 weeks time, camping - I can't wait!


I understand about getting attached to animals that are raised for our later consumption. As a child my grandparents raised animals which would later turn into very good breakfasts! I had one pig that I had named and really liked. I was there with her at the end. I thought I'd be upset. Turns out I wasn't. I think the knowing of what the animals are for helps when their end comes.


I love all the animal pictures, but i have to say -- I freaking hate peacocks. When I was in college, the peacocks that some dude was raising as part of his senior project wandered all over and would just SCREAM at the most random moments...like 4am...

I hate peacocks.

Just saying. :)

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