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Those little piglets sure do grow quickly.

The colors in the two Shore batts are beautiful.


The fiber looks good enough to eat!! Beautiful. And thanks for the piggies. Brought a smile to my face on a gloomy Saturday in New Jersey.


That third one had me thinking of a caption:

"Aha! There you are. See how strong I am: I lifted this with just my nose."


Lovely colors - I wish Alpaca and I could get along better. ;o)


I absolutely love the alpaca/silk rovings. Perfectly beautiful. As for the piglets? They all look like Babe to me. I'll bet they talk to the dogs.


great pictures of everything! I love those batts. I am trying to figure out a way to buy a drum carder to make batts out of all these silk fibers I own. Thanks for the inspiration in all your handdyeing.


Beautiful yarn, batts, the whole ball of wax! You do nice stuff...
I'll be checking things out...

The piglets have pink ears! They are too cute. Can't you tell I missed my calling - I probably should have been on a farm or something as I love animals so very much.


Cute piggies, and gorgeous fiber! It almost makes me want to learn to spin... almost....


Those piglets are so cute it hurts! The last photo makes me think of Charlotte's Web...

Those batts are beautiful!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Damn, those batts are gorgeous! I'll have to tell Jasmin she needs to go shopping. :)


Jessie, for what you're selling, the price is very reasonable! I really like the way the burgundy works in the pink blend and the golden yellow enhances the blue blend. Lovely.

The piglets are grand. They look very happy, too.


Your blended batts are just Gorgeous. I might need some of that.

Beautiful fiber. Adorable piggies. Life is perfect in Vermont, huh? ;)


I don't know how often I can gush about how cute those piglets are before you start to worry about me, but I'm just going to say it once more. *swoon* So darling! *especially that one looking up at you from under the piece of wood. ;)

The fiber is gorgeous, as well, of course. I'm amazed how all those crazy colors come together to give such depth!


Babies and batts and yarn oh my! I need a bigger bank account!

Andrea (noricum)

Those piglets are the sweetest little things!!! That Shore batt is drop dead gorgeous! I bet all the grazing animals are enjoying that lush, green grass I saw in the last post. :)


Your batts are gorgeous! If you continue making them, I know that I'll end up purchasing one! Love the little piggies too!

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