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Poor lil turkeys. We had a particularly lazy puppy from the one litter we had, and he fell in a post hole and fell asleep. We looked and looked for him and only found him when another pup fell in on top of him and cried to get out.


HA! Your right, those are "My Little Pony" colors. I like her new haircut. Too bad about your poults. This weather has been a pain.. cold/warm/cold again. Hopefully these last ones will hardy up bit. (ok, how redneck was that last sentance?) : )


Too bad about the poults. :( Birds can be so dang difficult!!

Love your daughter's new haircut. :)


Babies are so fragile. Alas, mortality rates are part of critter farming. We have friends who got 6 baby ducks this spring. There's been great weeping as one by one they are added to the mortality rate, so to speak.

Mmmmmm, real syrup. We have a little on our oatmeal every morning. This means it's practically a line item on our budget.

Adorable shrug!


It certainly is a learning experience, isn't it? I am sorry to hear about the baby turkeys... but, I am understanding that these things happen when one owns a farm...I just think it is great that you do the things that you do!

Love the jacket for your beautiful daughter. She is so cute!!!


Sorry about the poults. You are right, it is a lesson learned and time to enjoy what will come ahead. Your dd looks so cute in the cardi and her haircut is divine. Amazing fiber colors, as always.

Andrea (noricum)

Poor little poults! Well, probably eleven was a rather large number... either for running around the yard, or for fitting in the freezer. Your fiber looks lovely!


Glad to see the alpaca made it to you--Susan wasn't sure she wanted to give it up! I need to teach that girl to spin . . . .


Pretty roving! I especially love Farmer's Market. It makes me wish I had the patience to really learn to spin.


Dumb turkeys.

The sweater/shrug looks great on the young'un.


So sad about the attrition rate of the baby poults. Yes, there is truly nothing that can be done about it... alas, life on a farm..
How cool to make roving. (You know, your local mill will most likely do it very cheaply, ours did - but then again, you lose a bunch of fiber in the commercial processing of it... such a trade off)
LOVE those bamboo colors and that adorable shrug


I should have never read this post. Now I am convinced I need a Triple Picker!:)

Sorry about your little poults. Hopefully the 4 left will do well.


Oh I'm glad you like it and wow, USPS did a quick job on getting it to you!

So sorry about the poults. From the back of my memory on the farm, it seemed like there was "always something" but the good things (at least to a little girl) seemed to outweigh the less than good.

donna lee

Poor babies. I keep seeing the Looney Toons character saying "the turkeys fell down the hooooole". The fiber is glorious. Beautiful colors. I am moving into the dark side and am spinning some truly awful yarn but it's all mine.


Poor little turkeys. Maybe 10 were just too many for her.
The fiber and the yarn is beautiful. Your daughter looks quite happy in her sweater, and the colors are gorgeous.


The candy stripe shrug is perfect on your daughter in her pretty new 'do!


Sorry to hear about your baby turkeys.
I know what you mean about pulling roving for batts taking forever! I tried it a couple of times and now I just spin from the batt. Nice job on the shrug, and I do like her hair cut. All my kids need a spring trim.


So sorry for your little turkey loss. I can imagine how upset momma must have been. LOVE LOVE daughter's short haircut! It's so cute! Great yarn and roving as usual!! Wonderful colors!

Patricia Mbengue

My daughter and I enjoyed visiting your website. We enjoyed the colorful yarns and socks and most of all the land and live stock amazing. The Mbengue family from the Bronx


Hey Jesse. I'm looking at getting a triple picker too. The idea of clouds sound sooo nice compared to hand picking the wool (which I've been doing and is hard on the hands). I have had really nice results from dizzing roving right from the drum of a carder, and it is not hard on the hands but does take a little practice just like dizzing from combs. Love your colors, they are always just beautiful!

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