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Love the poultry and sheepie shots! Hurray from Spring!
Lovely spinning, too.


Great photos today. Looks like spring might come after all!


Thanks for all the GREAT animal shots. Love the turkeys...so noble! The spinning shots are inspiring too. I ordered a spindle the other day and can't wait for it to arrive so that I can start learning to spin with the beautiful batts you made.


What's the typical lifespan of a chicken--without the presence of foxes?
That sock yarn is such a pretty color!


I love the animal shots. I almost didn't miss Milo:) As for the last question? Never. We're headed for planting season, girl.


Aww Miss Daisy I hope you survive the foxes for another year! You must be one Smart Chicken! :)

I think I need to hug Sophie.

I'm spinning sock yarn right now too but it's still in singles and I'm wondering if it won't be more suitable for lace. It's always too thick or too thin - why can't I ever really get spot on with handspun sock yarn? I think it'll be too thick as a 3ply.


Great animal portraits!


That is SO cool that you get to spin yarn from a sheep you actually own! Do Sophie and JJ let you pet them and give them back scratches? And will they have any baby lambs soon? I eagerly await the next installment of Calvin's chicken sex adventures!


I always enjoy your lifestock photos!


The animals all look so happy and healthy in the spring sunshine!

donna lee

I have a cat named Calvin (and his brother Hobbes) and before his manhood was taken away, he tried to be suave and woo the ladies. Unfortunately, there are too many male cats around here and he mostly got beat up. It's much calmer since he got, um, fixed.


It's sounds like your running a high school for poultry with all the raging hormones and fighting.


Wow! Everyone was out, wait, the piggies and calf! I do love the birdies fun. How old do they get to be? I'll be watching the shop, I may have a gift or two ;-)


Finally, spring! The animal shots are indeed priceless. I guess Chip is like the sensitive pony-tail rooster of the bunch. Chicks always fall for that type. Poor Calvin. Your spinning is beautiful. Sophie is a vision in blue.

lynne s of oz

Spring is almost there! heh. Turkeys are silly critters! You've got quite a farm now :-)

Cathy in Va.

Sophie's yarn looks beautiful. And what a pretty smile she has, in her photo. :)


I feel bad for Roy!


Ah, it's nice to see everyone out enjoying the Spring sunshine!


I'm just going to sit over here and be jealous of your chickens. ;op

Andrea (noricum)

Oooo! Zero! Once upon a time I routinely had it at zero. (It's currently at 626. These days I'm happy if I can occasionally get it lower than the lowest point from the day before.)

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