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Funny, as soon as I saw the chicken picture my first thought was, "chicken poo on camera = no fun" ;o)

Beautiful yarn!


All of it is beautiful! Except the possibility of poo dropping on your head and, well, the smooshed eggs. I had to say that out of all of them, I really, really wanted to get "Ice" but just couldn't justify another purchase. I find it very restful and soothing and, well, cooling. Things at work are very hot right now - maybe that's why? :D


Goats are waaaay too smart. They don't miss a trick do they?


Your farm stories and photos are priceless and I often sit here giggling at the screen. Chicken poo and cheeky goats are hard to come by in an apartment.


You are one brave woman waking under all those feathers! I can't tell you how happy I am to be the one to go "na na nana na" on the Tie-Dye! It really boosted my spirits, it's been so long since I bought yarn and I really needed something special :) Poor kid, denied the toss, huh? What's up with that sheep?


You got some hungry goats and sheep! They are more than welcome to nibble at our grass, I've got a whole yard of clover and dandelions they can eat :) That is just too cool, Sophie's yarn, I love how subtle the colors turned out. That's so weird that JJ decided to head butt your daughter, the image of all those eggs cracking in her glove reminded me of that I Love Lucy, when she's living out in the country and all those eggs break in her shirt...random. I think I'm going to

Are you going to offer any more "Sophie" batts, or are you all out?


Wow, you have been really busy! I love all of the animail pics you post.....Dude, knit yourself a hat slicker for the chicken coop duty......but it looks like you've been lucky thus far. Awesome yarn and dying!


Great hand spun sock yarn Jessie - it'll make some gorgeous socks.
Oh your poor daughter - must have been so scary to have the sheep ram her..
Love them fiber colors - you're tempting me to haul out my wheel once again (thank you!)


Your sock yarn turned out lovely. Have you washed it yet? That may give it a little bit of elasticity. For me, merino top always remembers it's crimp after a bath.
And, give that kid some more eggs. You know you have plenty.


I love the skein your daughter dyed, it's such happy colours. (yours is always beautiful)


What a fun post! Sorry though that your daughter's adventure was somewhat cut short..or smushed. I love seeing how the fiber progresses and it's even more special seeing the original source. ~~waving hi to Sophie.


I'm so behind in reading your blog! Have missed all the animal and fiber pictures! The tie-dye skein is just wonderful. She did a fabulous job. The colors are so evenly saturated. I like how you show the little sample of spun yarn with the fiber. They are all just fantastic!


I saw some of the fiber you posted and just knew that it would be my inspiration for my 1st spinning adventure. Just purchased and cant wait to recieve it!

p.s. love hearing about all your critters too!


I love that you AND your daughter are dying wool together. That is fabulous. Keep up the wonderful work - I am addicted to your yarn! Is there a support group for this?

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