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your piglets are so cute!

we have cows also, mostly crossbred brangus.


man, and I think my life is busy. Piggies! Milo! Blue Bird Eggs! (I saw my first live Blue Bird the other day and was just enchanted.) I hope all of you various and sundry injuries heal quickly. Love the socks, too!


The piglets are adorable! And it's always an adventure over at your house, isn't it? LOL


Pigs are so cute when they're babies, almost as cute as cat bellies.


Dammit, how did I misspell my own name?


I just love reading about your life on the farm. Someday *sigh* when this Army life is over, hubby and I want a farm.....*sigh*


Congrats to Sassy (and the midwives) on the successful delivery! Piglets are sooo cute. At the Iowa State Fair, they always have a farrowing display and I like to go to see the piglets. Haven't been to the fair in years, though.

What kind of incubator are you using for the poults? Does it rotate the eggs or is that something you guys do? When I was in first grade, my teacher had a friend with a farm and they brought us chicken eggs and an incubator. It was fantastic! Everyone got an egg and we got to turn them everyday. It was so exciting when the chicks hatched!


So much going on at the farm! The piglets are so cute. Looks like Fudd is going to be one of the "uninvolved" parents. ;o)


What a lovely story- congrats on the six piglets,, they sure is cute.
And I found that knitting cables , I need to go up one # on needles.. it get too snuch and tight otherwise.
good luck on your spring farm activities.. your sure is busy.


Awww, thy are so cute! The birth reminds me of those early days with Robby ;) So, I've been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and now I'm all curious about the turkeys, what kind of breed are they? I'm excited to see what happens with the cows, I've heard raw milk is really good for you. Your socks are lovely, I can't wait to get my roving in the mail :D Oh, and you should check out Robby's blog if you get a chance! He's gotten so big!

martha in mobile

Fashion is a killer, ain't it? I had a pixel laser treatment on my neck yesterday and I was about ready to gnaw my arm off. The only thought that kept me going was that if I was so vain and so willing to spend money that way that I deserved a little (or a lot!) of pain.

There is something so endearing about the way your DH cuddles little animals--the poodle and the piglet, anyway. I think cuddling Milo could be considered an act of insanity.


Your piglets are adorable. What a great experience for your wee one (and you, too). Milo cracks me up. And, I love your sock, but try to be careful. Farm life is tough.


Did you ever think you'd be living on a farm, chasing pigs, turkeys and cows while knitting and spinning?


OMG they are soooo cute! I've always wanted a pig! How cool that you were there to see them being born!


This post really tickles me.

Man those tiny pigs are cute. I guess Fudd said he already did the hard part.

That Milo never fails to please.


I am so glad I found your blog (my friend, Susan (Red Dirt Knitter) posted about your store and I found the blog)!

I've never seen piglets right after they were born! They are so cute!!!!

I laughed so hard at the photo you captioned: Dad is exhausted!

Milo is an adorable looking little cat!

Sorry about the branch hurting your leg.

Dresses can be dangerous to your health...watch that stuff!

It seems that you live a great life! Thanks for sharing it.


OH my gosh - I'll have to save this and read it all again - the piglet excitement is almost more than I can bear! And they're walking around right away? How adorable. Do they wait a while before their eyes open like puppies and kitties and little baby birds and such?


Amazing! Congrats. That is such a wonderful sight to behold.


Wow! Take a nap and get some well-earned rest today!


I thought the picture of exhausted dad was pretty hilarious too... Did you see the pics floating around the email/internet of a tiger who lost her cubs and was depressed, so the zookeeper gave her piglets in the cub's skins? Happy mama and nursing piggies! You have to wonder if mama will ever realize she's been feeding what she eats.


New lives! I was so happy to witness how hard-working the Dad was! No wonder he was exhausted! LOL!

donna lee

I love the April socks. I have been admiring that pattern but your photo shows the detail better.


OMFG! F meaning freakin, what action happening at your 'stead. And I've been dawdlin on adding another kitten or pup to the crew here.


and I love your socks!


Congratulations to Sassy! What I want to know is, now that they're here, is Fudd making lots of fuss about "See what I did??"

And--ouch about your shoulder! Hope it heals quickly.


So Sweet! Congrats! The piglets are adorable. We've been thinking about pigs too. I have a friend who raises Berkshire Hogs and we love going over there when the piglets are born.

P.S. I got my yarn last week and I **love** it. One skein is to be gifted but it's really hard to decide which ;-)


Wow, when you do spring, you do it right! The piglets are adorable! So much green going on there too. I hope you're feeling OK, try to stay out of trouble ;-)


Oh, those piglets are sooooo sweet! *Aaron used to call them "oinklings" when he was little. :)
And the only thing cuter than the piggies is how your animal whisperer of a husband curls up with animals under his chin. Adorable.
Love the picture of poor exhausted Fudd. :)


Some exciting times on the farm! Fudd looked totally exhausted after all the work....the piglets are so very cute!


Congrats on the new arrivals, are they named yet?
As usual Milo is gorgeous.
Hope the shoulder heals quickly and doesn't stop the knitting!
What a surprise, hubby snuggling a cute animal, he is such a softy.


Soooo cute! Congrats on such a successful outcome. Can't wait to see the baby birdies when they hatch and your finished sox.


Congratulations to the new family!

Your socks look great - I am still spinning mine. If only I was independently wealthy and didn't have a full time job that sucked every waking moment (and a bit of my soul) out of my day...


Oh what an exciting post! Love the little piggies and well..what can I say about their father. Certainly hope he gets rested soon. Sounds like everything is bustin' out all over up there. No babies here except for some baby foxes born in the park by where I work. And to think I was getting paid while trying to take their pictures. Not a farm..but the best I could do today.


ooops got so excited I forgot to say that I hope your shoulder isn't hurt bad. Reminds me of the time I got stuck in a bathing suit top in a dressing room at a store. I don't want to think any more *G*.


Deadly fashion and new piglets.. what a post!
I hope that your leg heals quickly and whatever else might have been stretched wrong in the try-on-event AND that you continue to enjoy the farm life.
Ahhhhh, how I remember those animal births. exciting and scary, yet mostly wonderful.
congrats on the new additions.
oh, yeah, and nice socks too :-)


Great pics! Happy spring! Nice sock!


The piggies are adorable...
my girls are now more eager than ever for summer so that they can see them. (They almost believe that the piggies will be closer to pig size by late June).

Walter Jeffries

Cute piglets! They're so much fun.


Hon, I just love your blog, for so many reasons. Always glad to see an update. :)


Congratulations to the proud parents, both porcine and human! Piglets are incredibly cute.

lynne s of oz

Nothing like getting stuck in your own clothes to make you appreciate life when you finally struggle out again (I'm guilty of getting stuck with a sweater halfway over my head)! LOL If your shoulder doesn't settle, get it checked out. I ran round with a subluxed shoulder for three months three years ago - I'm still getting over it.
Piggies! Bacon! ;-)


Cute piglets! :o)

I vote for CW becoming his permanent blog name... ;o)

Sorry to hear about your leg - and your shoulder. Hope you feel better!


What cute piggies! How amazing that they walk so early too. Hope your leg heals quickly. BTW, I think that y'all are too hard on poor little Milo. What a rough life!


Those piglets are TOO cute...and Milo is as adorable as ever.

It sounds like life at your house is pleasantly busy right now :-)

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