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donna lee

I knit a lot of socks. There's something about them that I am truly enamored of. I am in the middle of my first pair of toe up socks and I think I like the top down better but maybe that's because I'm more familiar with it. I have very round feet/toes so I always have to modify the toe shaping. And the shop updates look so colorful. I think we need some color and brightness. I can see the red buds on the maple outside my bedroom and it's a thing of beauty. Soon we'll have the "helicopters" all over!


Those batts and the spinning look so beautiful - it inspires me to want to get back to my own spinning :-D

Love your new yarn colorways as well.


The socks look great. Do you put a garter stitch border on a lot of your heel flaps? I've done it a few times and I really like it.


Love the March socks. LOVE em'. Good job, Jess.


Not boring at all, gorgeous socks and yarn and those fibre batts look amazing. I did miss Milo just a little bit though ;0)


Um, I'm loving those March socks. *loving*. Loving enough to make some similar, I think (alas, must work from stash yarn, though... :-(). Can you give me more details on that heel? What's the reason for the purl sides? Whatever the reason, they're gorgeous :-)


Jesse, I love the socks! I'm just wondering if you might have some advice for me on my current sock project? I'm doing toe up socks, the top is a lace pattern, I did an eye of partridge heel and they are too snug across the top now. I have high arches too. Should I change the heel or just add more stitches in the gusset area?


The socks look great! and the Fiber! And the sock yarn!!! OMG!


Mmmm. Not boring. Serene. Contemplative.

I'm contemplating the importance of acquiring a drum carder. heh


Oh, good, I'm glad you got your yarns sorted out correctly!


I am new to your blog and am officially in awe. Something about all of the spinning, knitting, sock thing appeals to me.

I love your March socks!


What pretty, pretty colours! How did Milo resist leaping on the batts of roving (I know I want to!), the sock colours are fabulous together


Those are some beautiful socks - and batts!

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