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Ooooh, a rainbow. We're in mud season here and we don't really have one. As for the fortune? Good analogy. Made me smile at 6:30 in the morning. And, I love your socks.


I love how the yarn is caught on Milo's ear.

And the purple toes and heels - great!


You're so right about buying local. Is your computer store part of a chain or owned by an individual? In Vermont, I'd hope the latter. And the animals -- always winners, esp. Milo.


Pretty rainbow! We never see one of those this early in the season.


I love all the yarn you've dyed...and that blue fiber is to dye, er live for;-)

Little Miss Curious

Oooh, look at all that beautiful yarn. I'm trying to go on a yarn diet and there you go putting the equivalent of a chocolate cake in front of me. Oh, and that rainbow above all the mud - what a great metaphor. This morning, I saw a cluster of crocuses (not opened yet) next to the remains of a snowbank. Hope springs eternal. And, yeah for you and your high horse about shopping local-so many benefits.


Gorgeous as always.
And the rainbow... perfect. We could use one of those. Today is finally sunny, but cold again.
Ahh well, that just means more days to wear yummy socks.
I'm about to frog the sock I started with my Gift PoV yarn... I underestimated the necessary needle size..... the current object, while lovely, will NOT go over my heel. Which is a shame, as it's a top down sock. :-(
Oh well.... I'll try again on slightly larger needles, neh?


Looks like our spring but we don't have as much Mud. Ick.

Love the green/purple socks - and seeing all of the skeins hanging. Love that. I really think I need to come live with you cause I also want your shop and fun new business toys! :)


Love the new yarn and the rainbow. And are those little cat feet in the upper corner of your new (and beautiful) socks????


I don't know about your other readers, but when I see the pictures of the cows and the piggies, while they are super cute on one level, part of me thinks (in Homer Simpson's voice) "yummm, bacon..." I love what you've done for the shop! And yay for wireless internet, I hope it works awesome! I cracked up at the fortune cookie, my coworkers probably thought I was a freak, snickering to myself with my headphones on!


I really need to subscribe to your shop feed. lol

Milo looks mischeivous as ever.


Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait :-)


~snort~ What a fortune! Does that curly eared pig have a mohawk? How cute! I love the new batch of yarn...droooollll


Good deal on the computer! Our paper had a piece yesterday about the kids at the tech school (now combined w/ the high school, or vice-versa, they built the new high school adjacent to the tech school)...ANYhow, the kids are building their own computers, for kids in the CAD class to use to design a house, that the kids in the building class will build. how's that?!?!


love love love that merino silk. yummy.
And how lovely that a rainbow appeared amidst the spring mud. :-)
that silly Milo - he reminds me of my kitties.


Pretty rainbow - and pretty fiber! Congrats on the new 'puter! :o)

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