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Have fun today! No driving off cliffs, okay?


Your colored rovings are so tempting! Have a fun day, a great getaway!


Have a fun day, we got some more snow here today, ick!


The fleece really does look like crinkle fries!


A spinnery getaway should do wonders for the mud season doldrums. And remember that at least technically it is now Spring.


Pretty roving! Yucky mud. As the daughter of a cattle farmer, I can attest to the dumbness of cows. Kevin was goose hunting in one of Dad's pastures one time. One cow kept coming over to investigate the decoys. Cow knocks them down, Kevin sets them back up, calls me to complain about dumb cow, rinse, repeat.


Love your blog by the way!

In Finland most people deal with the long winters by boozing lol, and getting into fistfights in the local kioski.

I use fishoil and vitamin D. Light exercise and lots of computer games :D.


I just have to say that it is terribly mean of you to post pics of gorgeous dyed roving AND that beautiful poofy white stuff...when I'm still working on the roving I bought from you last year, and I have no time to spin! Wahhh! ;)


Have fun! The new roving is lovely, and I especially love that Romney fleece, I can't even believe it's the same thing! I don't know much about cows, except I see them a lot while driving, but I do love a good steak :) Are you guys going to use them for meat or dairy? Or both?


Have fun! I know two of the owners of Green Mountain Spinnery - Libby and Claire (one was a teacher, the other a friend's mom). Great people.


It must be spring, the cows have come home. Hope you have a blst on your day out and this constant teasing about spinning just makes me want to win the lottery all the more.

Heather Shelton

I hear you about this being the hard part of winter!! I had a brief glimpse of the tippy tops of my daffodils and by evening it was snowing again. The weather is even discouraging me from knitting- that tells you how bad it is!! The roving colors are sooo beautiful. Will you dye sny mohair free roving in those bright shades?

donna lee

You are such an enabler! I am deep in spinning wheel lust and am investigating them. That soft white roving looks so beautiful I want to touch it.


Have a wonderful time at the Spinnery! We visited a few years ago and luckily got a tour by Margaret. It's such a fascinating process--in such a cozy little building! :)
*p.s. I never went back to fake syrup after visiting VT! :)


Hope you had a fun adventure down to Green Mountain Spinnery. The weather is certainly challenging this time of year. It's all about coffee and comfort food. Can't wait to see how the new real vermonter comes out. Excuse me, I have to go hibernate now.

Cathy in Va.

"Good friend and a crapload of fleece" - now that does sound like fun!

Terri D.

Something you will never hear in NYC: "Mom, a cow!"

Hope the trip was a blast.


I'm so jealous I think I'm giving myself a nosebleed. Have fun!


amazing colors and lovely fibers. I hope you have an amazing time.


"We've got cows!" ;o)

Hope you're having a great trip!


I have always wanted to tour the Spinnery but it always seems to get put off. Make sure to take pictures and share it with us.


I've heard of driving cattle -- like, from Texas to Montana -- but taking them for a stroll? It actually sounds much easier!

I hope your little trip was fun!

Andrea (noricum)

I hope you had fun! (Wish I could have snuck along! ;) ) Jolt sure looks *purdy*. ;)


your fiber dyeing is glorious. And the crimp on those locks is amazing.


If Thelma and Louise had a GPS then maybe they wouldn't have taken that last turn. The wool pictures make me want to spin! Do those fancy earrings in the cows mean they're destined to be dinner someday or do they just tell where the cows come from?


My late FIL used to say "cows never get any smarter than they are the day they're born".


Did the GPS work? Are you still out adventuring or did you find your way home? Here's hoping the adventure was ever so much fun!


All kinds of pretty here.

So jealous of your trip to GMS.

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