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Fascinating about sugaring season. Unknown around these parts. Love the pictures of the shearing, too. You are definitely a farm girl now. And, the shop update? I can't hear you. I'm covering my ears and singing lalalalalala.


It has been years since I was at a sugar bush. Oh, the sweetness! I really like the super concentrated stuff that they pour on the snow and you roll in a popsicle stick. Can you get any closer to heaven?

The sheep do look very different. It is no wonder that they didn't recognise each other.


I need to move! Happy St. Pat's!


There is a sugar house in a county park northwest of here, we meant to take a ride up to get some syrup but haven't had a chance.


Those bagels look delicious! So does the sourdough bread. Okay, I'm officially hungry now.

Andrea (noricum)

I've tried bagels in the past, but, although the results were edible, they were also never quite right. After several attempts I gave up and went back to pita bread. My bagels did look rather similar to yours, though. Which recipe did you use?

I can't ask about the shop because I'm making myself use up some stash for a bit, to catch up with my purchases. ;) (The stuff in your shop is lovely, though!)


Would love to visit Vermont sometime during sugaring season. Sipping warm maple syrup sounds like heaven!

Poor Sophie and JJ. They must be cold now! Do you have blankets for them? Also, how does the shearer get them to lay down like that? Don't they struggle and try to get up?

Calvin is looking pretty spiffy!


Ok, you've inspired me to finally give into my desire for making home made bagels. The dough is currently rising. Thanks


What fun!
How is it my father has lived in Vermont for over 30 years and I've never seen/heard about ANY of this good stuff? (well, except for the mud).
Thanks for sharing that with us!


OK so the "perfect sourdough loaf" made me want to cry. I've been doing battle all winter with mine. Can't wait for the shop update. Happy St. Pat's


I'm so envious about the sugaring off you guys went to! I wish we had the climate for sugar maples here in the south, I love some good maple syrup! So, what are you going to do with Sophie and JJ's wool? And those bagels look so delicious, I bet they are amazing with cream cheese and ....maple syrup!

Susan B

When my brother and I briefly lived in Botswana (Africa) he and I longed (LONGED!) for bagels. So we started making our own, and decided that our absolute favorite recipe was when we took the basic recipe and added anywhere from 2 Tbsp to 1/4 of a cup of creamy peanut butter to the dough.



I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful the sugar house smelled. What a neat experience. Oooh, poor nekid sheepses.


drooling... droooling. Love fresh syrup, even if it isn't totally boiled down yet. Hmmm, this sunday is sugar maple syrup sunday, and some of the sugarers have open house... guess I'll be tromping around.


Very interesting post. I'm very impressed that you got your sour dough bread to rise! I never had that kind of luck. I have made bagels before, but your photos look so mouth watering that I'll have to make them again.


Fresh maple syrup...drool! But let's talk about barnyard animals. Loved the sheep being shorn, and the rooster is good too, but what about MILO???? I realize he doesn't live in the yard now but a girl needs her regular Milo fix!!


Lucky you get someone to come and shear just 2 sheep, ! We hate to keep imposing on our former 4-h leader,so now are learning to do our 2 sheep ourselves, but that means second cuts in the fleece.


Oh how lucky you are! I'm not sure that I've ever tasted for real maple syrup. If I did it was when I was really small.


Your sourdough looks gorgeous! I brought my starter down from its >year-long berth in the back of the other frig and fed it a little bit of flour (King Arthur) and a few grains of yeast, then stuck it in a cupboard with some empty-ish wine bottles (unfiltered red) and a dish of yeast in water. Fingers crossed, but so far so good. Hope it gets its bounce back -- your loaf looks so wonderful!


I love Vermont maple sirup!Stil have a bottle bought when we visited last August.. Woodstock area.
What a beatiful mix of pictures and stories..
happy knitting easter.


Mr. C turned down a second interview in VT and it nearly killed us both to say goodbye to the dream for a few years. Among other things I so badly want to see maple sugaring!

At least mud = the start of Spring.


So evocative! I grew up in Nova Scotia (now live in London, UK) where sugaring off was a regular event in the spring calendar. It's so interesting - I just randomly picked a new blog to visit off Flowerpot days and I found this which means so much to me.


Great pictures Jessie - I presume you are a friend of shelagh's. give her my love!


Did you see Dalis' post about maple syrup? Dancingleaffarm, blogspot, March 9th.

lynne s of oz

You've been busy!
Until now I didn't know much about sugaring season (little house on the prairie books?) and now I know more! Heh. The mud sorta puts me off.


Maple sugaring and bagels....yum! I am looking forward to trying the bagels and always enjoy Spring syrup!


oh boy do I hate mud season. My Kitchen floor is perpetually covered in filth this time of year. ugh.

Thanks for the glimpse into the sugaring process! :o)

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