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For some reason it always amazes me that something with hooves for feet can climb that well.

donna lee

Those wool "curls" look so soft and fluffy I wanted to pet the screen. Good luck with the bank! Yay for funding!


Hee! I love the picture of Trooper peering into the barn door, like she's saying, "Hey! Whatcha doin' in there? Need some help from a goat?"

And, yeah -- how DO goats hold on with those hooves?


That is such beautiful fiber...sigh...


Hee hee A day in the life of an adorable goat.


Funding... congratulations! I totally loved my spinning class today... and am about to go play w/ that wheel some more. I sense trouble, new addictions, more things to want (like fiber)... I am starting to think more and more about the dogs, save their combings and trimmings... It may suck as fiber but it'd be fun. I scratched some angora goat babies today, so cute!


you make me want to move to VT and raise goats and cows.


Hope the bank business went well.

Went to the mailbox yesterday and found it STUFFED with a wonderful package!! I'll be posting about it later today. Can't wait to learn how to spin!!


Great goat pictures! And good luck at the bank! How exciting!


Best of luck with the funding! I bet your Jessie's Specials, develops a cult following.

Promote the Goat!

(a bumpersticker I recently saw upstate).


What wonderful roving and fiber! I adore goats. You are quite the enabler/dealer.


Is it really snowless? I feel your pain on the bloglines. After finishing your post I have 402 left -- maybe I should stop trying to finish reading and put up a post or two myself. I even have some things to show (well, not interesting but nonetheless)


Gorgeous spinning! :o)

I just took down my Christmas wreath yesterday...now I'm working up the energy to take down the mistletoe. ;o)

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