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Wow...wow...and wow...oh yes, add swoon to that! Love the wonderful pix at GMS, your fiber process, and of course, Milo! Excuse me while I go and lie down for a few minutes...


Yup. It looks like as much fun as you said it was. I so badly want a drum carder, but, alas and alack, I'm unable to get one from the fiberfairy. She ain't puttin' out right now. Love the roving. It turned out just beautiful.


Green Mt. Spinnery = swoon. Their book was one of the first one I bought when I started to knit. Inspirational! Milo is just an endless source of entertainment, isn't he?

(BTW, I'm wearing my Rogue for the first time right now. Woot!)


The trip to GMS looks like a blast...all that wool, yarn and fibery stuff in one place. Did you breath it in deeply?
Love the new batt, too!


I stopped at the Spinnery once on my way north to visit family, and after chatting with a staff person for a minute, she happily let me (and my baby in a sling) into the back room and showed me around a bit. So much fun!


Such amazing eye candy. That fiber room is a dream.


Cool. Cheryl and I went there last May (Memorial Day weekend)on our way back from picking up a wheel.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

I went to high school with Melissa; talented woman, she!


That sounds like a WONDERFUL day!! How cool!


That does look like the best day ever! It's kind of cool to see the spinning machine, I've only seen one in our state museum (there's a button there that you can press to hear all the noise it would've made). WHOA, I do love your batts and yarn! And that first yarn I made up? It's for the woman who gave me the bits of fleece... probably the first stuff I make on a wheel will be similar, and I'll keep that.


Oh geez! What a great adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm afraid I would have passed out in the presence of so much fiber!

donna lee

The batts are gorgeous. I am researching wheels and dropping hints like mad, Mother's Day is only 2 months away!


I hope to get up there some day soon! The Spinnery sounds like Heaven on earth! Shocking how fast your roving went ;-) It's (was) gorgeous! Even the Easter Bunny knows how to do it right up there :) Milo, Milo, Milo~I'll be careful, in case he's reading late at night. Good Milo, nice Milo, cool Milo.


It looks like you had so much fun at the Spinnery! And that batt is gorgeous . . . wow!


The trip to the Spinnery looks awesome. I went to a family farm spinnery called Belfast Mini Mills when we were on a family vacation in Prince Edward Island about 3 years ago. In addition to the Quiviut blend I bought (among other skeins) from them that I still pull out and pet occasionally, mostly I remember their hospitality to my family -- the time they took with us and the obvious pride in their business. Must be a common trait. PS: Loved the Easter egg puzzle idea!

Andrea (noricum)

Oooo! Pretty fiber!!!


Oh it looks like you had such a great time! We enjoyed it too when we were there in 2007. They gave us the royal tour---so cool. Your new batts are gorgeous....please make some more soon!


Wow, fiber everywhere! What a fun field trip to GMS.

I don't spin but your photos are making it *very* tempting.


Those batts are amazingly beautiful! And congrats on your loan--it's so exciting to watch your business grow.


Oh my! Best day indeed! I have been experimenting with blending fibers on a drum carded and it is wonderful to spin! Your batts look beautiful. The picker that you ordered has me in a swoon! My sister recently sent me a baby alpaca fleece and while there is not a lot of VM in it, there is some and the picker would make life a lot easier!


Thanks for the Spinnery tour! It looks and sounds like a very cool place to spend some time. :o)

Is it just me or is Milo's head almost as big as yours?!?! That cat is H U G E.

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