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Aw, poor sweet Sophie.
That grass looks AWESOME.

Rachel H

I seriously need to find a way to work 'rather than rescue her from the fanged menace, we took pictures" into a conversation. Soon.


Poor Sophie! (but the pics made me laugh...)


To me, she looks like she is saying, "I'm waiting for the right moment to escape" in that last shot.


Don't leave poor Sophie alone with Milo.


I love the befuddled look on Sophie's face! Your daughter looks like she's having the best time playing chess with her big brother, it makes me want to have a big brother :)

When you get your computer back, I expect super fast blog posts now!


Saturday night was awful down here - just as we sat down to watch movie #2 around 10pm RR's pager went off. Trees down everywhere, wires down everywhere, so the FD gets to go sit and wait for the electric company. He finally gets home around 12:15 - then the pager goes off at 12:20. He has to go out again until 1:30 or so. Can I just say being home by myself during a windstorm completely sucked?

Good luck being unplugged!


Poor Sophie, the look on her face is hysterical. I love your grass pictures but it looks soooo cold, where is spring?


Good to see that Milo is still running the house.
Poor Sophie!


We all know that despite that seeming sleep of innocence that Milo is totally aware of the psychological trauma he is inflicting on the dog.


Is Milo mellowing out? Maybe he just wanted to keep Sophie warm. See he knew that it was cold and that dogs don't generate as much heat as kitties, so he decided to keep her warm.


LMAO! Poor Sophie! But so smart not. to . move. an. inch.

lynne s of oz

Eeek! Ice! I've decided I am not a cold weather girl.
Poor Sophie.
One time I was looking through a bunch of photos at a friend's house when their cat, Beelzebub (the name is a hint), suddenly jumped up and attacked my hands. I flung him across the room into the wooden arm of a couch - he had scared the bejeezus out of me and I had done the shriek and leap thang. Oddly, he never attacked me again.


Milo doesn't even seem to have realized he's panicked Sophie! And I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of winter....


Maybe Sophie can relax (a little) anyway. Milo can help keep her warm. congrats to your big little one for a job well done!


Whoa! Ice coated grass? It looks amazing.

Poor Sophie! Is Milo looking for a warm spot to sleep or a bit of fun? Perhaps a bit of each? She doesn't look to pleased with the idea.

donna lee

It does seem like there has been alot of precipitation this winter. Everyone's blog reports huge amounts of snow and ice. Well, except for mine since we got rain most of the time and very little snow. Spring is seriously needed.

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