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Milo...Fiber inspector at large...
I lover your socks! Isn't it nice when they (men) say something that tells you he's listening?:) Your yarn is marvelous! I really can't wait to see the sweater start, it's gonna be gorgeous!


You should be ridiculously pleased over the dye job! It's a fabulous color and will make a handsome man sweater.


My goodness. You've been a busy girl haven't you? Love the yarn for hubby's sweater. Gorgeous. And, I keep thinking I'll just send my fleece to the processing plant, but I keep holding back for the very same reasons you mentioned. Oh, and the sock will fit someone.


Welcome to the club of "process lovers"! I know intuitively that it takes longer to process from raw fleece to yarn. Yet when I buy raw fiber, it ends up as a finished item much more quickly than when I purchase commercially prepared fiber.

Those fleeces look delicious!


Somebody is getting a GORGEOUS sweater.
I'm jealous. Again.
But the socks... I'm curious. Why didn't you frog back to the heel and make them fit? (This from the gal who frogs socks viciously until they fit just right....)


I will be lucky to make a pair of socks(or perhaps 2?) this year! I was introduced to the dark side (spinning) this weekend, and can see how it can quickly become an obsession!


You should probably watch Milo when he's around real lambs....

And the dye job is beautiful!


The Opus yarn is so beautiful! Or should I say manly, whatever, the color is perfect, and the fourth picture down, that yarn looks so sproingy, I wish squeeze o vision was invented!

The Romney wool is so pretty, I'm jealous, you better watch Milo, I bet that wool could cause some serious tummy blockage :)


OK OK I stand corrected the BLUE is Great...AND did I say thank you for the unplanned hospitality? Honestly your Cookies Rocked. Did you finish up the pasta?I don't know what I was thinking, Erin so enjoyed the visit and thought Leah was the bees knees...I still love your life xoxoJill


Yay on you! That's a whack of spinning. (And your feb. socks look to be about three inches further along than mine!)

All that fibre processing is tons of work, of course, but I like it so much better than buying commercially processed - it just makes me feel like I'm really controlling and part of the project. It feels "real". I already have more sweater spin projects lurking in my head - you'll do another too, I know it!


There are so many wonderful things in this post that I don't know where to start. I love the overdye--great job! I think that the new fleeces will be a great handspun sweater. I love it natural, and I think you should spin it as such. Color inspiration will strike soon after. I wonder if fleece in the raw tastes like Catnip?


I agree that the darker blue was too dark. I like it now though. And the Romney looks nice.

So Milo is now not just the fleece inspector but the taste tester? Just remind him that too much roughage is bad for him.


I am in love with that darker blue - too gorgeous!


oh my - your hand spun yarn for your husbands' sweater turned out incredible. Orange to tone down blue.. who wouldda thunk it.
It will be a fabulous sweter, Jessie. Congrats!!

And all those bags of fiber make me miss my sheep - it looks like it'll be great fun to spin.


oh I love it in blue!

Good luck with the scouring - I managed about half of Steve before my back and patience gave out and I sent him away (to a local processor who uses solar energy, etc).

Love the socks!


Good job on the overdye! I did exactly the same thing last year but haven't knit anything with the yarn yet.

That fleece looks awesome! Lucky you!

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