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That's so exciting about the home renovations! I know you've been waiting a while for this to happen.


Your socks are so pretty. I haven't done short row heels yet, so I'm unfamiliar. The snow looks pretty, but I'm am done with winter (it may not be done with me:) Good luck on the renovations. So exciting. As for the rovings? GORGEOUS!!!!


Love the look of the grumpy cat and love the bats- why don't YOU spin it FOR ME! :-)


We are considering some basement renovations. It is a good thing/bad thing proposition. Scary.


Good work on the socks! They look warm. Our weather is past the winter wonderland look. It's now in the dirty snow and mud stage...flowers to follow soon.


Nice socks -- I have issues with short row heels and I don't think my arches are that high. I know you are sick of winter but those photos make me miss Vermont in the worst way!!


I keep wanting to do a kitchen remodel. Problem is, other things in the house keep cropping up that need attention first.

Also love the socks, and I understand what you mean about the instep problem. This is why I can't knit short row heel socks. If I try to adjust the pattern to work with my instep, the entire foot is too large. If I don't adjust they end up unwearable (or too uncomfortable) So I stick to heel flap socks, knitting the flap just a smidge longer than the pattern calls for to create that higher instep.


From the close up of your heel, it looks like you need a few more short rows over the same number of stitches. Maybe another 3-4 pairs of short rows.

Great looking socks otherwise.


Great socks! Thank you for the snow pictures. Out here on the west coast we never enjoyed much of a winter. A little kitty nostril sauce adds character to the fiber.

Andrea (noricum)

That tree outside your bedroom window is cool.

I don't have anything against cats, personally... it's my allergies that don't like them. :( That BFL bump is gorgeous!


I admire your stick-to-itivness on the socks goal. These are such a pretty color.
I prefer reaping the benefits of you spinners. I'm afraid if I tried, I'd like it, and spinning would take away from my knitting time.


A mud room... I dream of a mud room.... Nice sock! Beautiful colors... I have been exposed to the spinning bug, think I'm getting it... And the snow, I had similar thoughts a couple days ago, imagine if you'd never seen it, how magical it would be, how beautiful (but check out how we SO have no place left to put it at our house).


Those photos are stunning! A new everything in the house is a great thing! Can't wait to see the progress!


What you mean fiber and arn aren't supposed to have cat hair as part of it? Please!!! Dogs donb't appreciate fiber. Only cats do.

ps - please sned snow my way.


Great socks!!

Hey - I want a mud room too! ;o) I've been trying to talk RR into enclosing the 'back porch' but he's not exactly embracing the idea...


Those socks are so pretty! Congrats on the renovation, I think we are about to embark on building a new house next door to our remodeled house, so exciting times are coming! And when did Milo turn into a cat? I can only imagine him as a kitten! That fiber is so lovely, and I definitely don't mind a little cat hair :P


Your socks look lovely, fit problems not with standing.
Beautiful yarn and fleece!


I love all the snow pictures, looks just like my yard! Home renovations can be fun or a pain, I hope yours are fun. Tagged you!


The socks look lovely - I didn't realize you designed them! good job.
Oh that BFL is looking so divine! (and no worries about the kitty from me - grin )
Those lovely New England 'snow' photos make me miss that part of the country - (tho' the cold temps, not so much)


I don't like snow, I don't like to be cold, but those photos are so beautiful I want to go up there right right right now and stay forever. Combined with your roving pictures, well, I may show up on your doorstep any minute.

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