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So glad to see you back on my screen! Sounds like a really wicked bug had you in his grips. And as usual, beautiful fiber and a luscious kitty are candy for these sad eyes today. (Thank goodness it's Friday. I couldn't take another day of this week!!)

Here's wishes for a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving (hold the orange stuff), surrounded by family and friends...and maybe the odd critter here and there.


Thank goodnes you're OK. You really had me worried. Glad to see you're up and around again.


Be well soon! Love the rainbow colored mitts. Last winter I bought some alpaca wool roving from you and have been thinking of spinning it and then dyeing (I'm no good at dyeing roving) to make a vest. I'm going to watch your progress with interest!


That kitten is definitely a cat now, isn't he? With a big old tom's head. It looks like you'll be catching him in the nick of time. I'm glad you're feeling better, but do be careful for a little while yet; those fatiguey bugs can hang around if you don't treat them with the proper respect.


I'm glad you are feeling better, and can enjoy a cup of java! I hope you continue to get your strength back.

That Milo has gone from cute kitten to a fine, handsome cat. He looks like he's gonna be a big one. Poor Milo..his life will never be the same.


Milo looks like a smug little bugger,what a satisfied little kitty smile...Our mouse dragged a tea bag into the stove the other day and I didn't notice it till it caught fire under a fresh pot that was whistling...He got frustrated over the size I cut the Bokchoi and it was stuck but nibbled in the back burner...I will be sending you pics of the new kitten and senior cat we will be adopting on Monday...feel better, xojill


I'm glad you're feeling better but sorry it took so long to get this way. Milo is so big! Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Andrea (noricum)

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so sick. I hope you're 100% soon! Those Fetchings are gorgeous!

Lee Ann

Wow, that's a hefty hunk o' Milo, there...

Soon to be a Big Dumb Boy Kitty. Yay. Front porches across your town will thank you.

I'm very glad to hear you've rejoined the living. Poor you! Take care...wow, no coffee...ouch.


sending more get-all-better-soon thoughts your way!

Milo is such a big boy! he does look very smug.

pretty pretty fiber! pretty pretty yarn! pretty pretty Fetching!


Fingers crossed that you'll be in good shape for Thanksgiving.

Love those rainbow mitts -- so cute!


Do you think Milo is totally ignorant of what's about to happen? I think the first picture in your post may say otherwise.

Glad you're feeling better.


Stomach bugs are the worst and you had an awfully potent one. Glad you are feeling better. Now you and your husband will have to get away when you are really 100%. Oh and I wish I had known you were in RI, I could have met you and brought you some chicken soup!


Milo is going to be pissed at you. Maybe if his daddy takes him in, he will get pissed at his daddy.

And the caffeine withdrawal is what has prolonged your recovery. But happy to hear that you are feeling better.

Donna W

Milo is one happy cat and it shows. Since he is still young he won't even know what he is missing after his visit to the vet. Glad to hear you are recovering. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sounds like you had a nasty one. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!


oh he looks so relaxed...poor thing. ;o)

Thanks for reminding me - I need to call the vet for Jazz!

Hope you feel better by Thanksgiving!


Glad you're feeling better. (my family has often called me the same thing). Milo is still so cute.


So glad to "see" you feeling better.
Nothing quite so awful as feeling sick for that long.
Now then, about this yarn... you really must stop showing it in the blog. You create all sorts of covetous moments in MY house, and I am on a strict yarn diet (both b/c I could insulate my house, and b/c we're cash strapped, and I'm not allowed to use piano, trombone, or clarinet lesson music for yarn). So.. stop it. I want it ALL and I can't have ANY and it makes me pout. It's a most unbecoming look.


Welcome back.

c|_| a cuppa caffeine on me


so glad that you are beginning to feel more human gain. interestingly enough, it was orange food with me too (ugh) I wonder if the norovirus has an affinity with orange food? I may be off them forever.
love those rainbow mitts gorgeous and that fawn alpaca.. yummm.


glad you are feeling better,
Milo is soooo big and cute,
the snip may slow him down a little!


So glad to have you back in the land of the living! :)


Ouch - what a nasty bug! Glad to hear your starting to be on the mend. And right before the holidays - that sux :) Milo is huge!


Oh, "tutored" is your way of saying *neutered*? Cute! Good luck and hope your alpaca turns out the way you envisioned. Glad you are on the mend.


I agree with Becky... it looks like Milo knows something's up!


Glad you are beginning to feel well again! Sounds like a really bad one.

Love how the yarn your daughter dyed turned out. It made some very beautiful Fetchings.

I hope your holidays are much better and you are back on orange foods by then.

Poor Milo. My Sam knew something wasn't quite right, but after a few days, he forgot all about having it done. Same thing for Apollo (the dog).

Dee fm KS

Hiya, I know you sell yarn through your online store, but do you sell any through a shop int he Burlington area? I have a son who wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas and I told him enough of your yarn to make a pair of socks.If you don't sell any in the
Burlington area, can you recommend a good shop there? He does not do internet or credit cards. By the way, I love that bright primary color yarn and I love your almost all one color yarn. Thanks, Dee

Dee fm KS

PS- so glad to see that you are getting to feel better. Dee


Glad you're feeling better. Take care so you'll be 100% for Tday!


Look what a big boy Milo has become! And so handsome! Glad you're feeling better, but it sounds like you should continue to take it easy a little longer -- I hope someone else is cooking Thanksgiving dinner!


I'm so sorry you've been sick!! The afghan is actually making some progress since I posted. It may actually happen!

Maybe your husband should do either the spinning or the knitting. It could be a cooperative venture!

Spinning Fishwife

I think if you asked Milo he'd say it was a fair swap...a short, cold and hungry life outside (with bits) in exchange for non stop food, warmth and love for the next fifteen or so years.

There's enough unwanted kittens in the world, after all.

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