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Poor Jessie! I'm sorry you're under the weather. Is Milo keeping you company? Feel better soon. Cynthia


sorry to hear about the stomach bug. I've never seen the show but it sounds like miserable company. I hope you feel 100% better soon!

(Ravelry is real!)


Yuck! Hope your feeling better soon.


Oooooh yuck. Get well quick.


Feel better soon. I'm not half as bad as you, but I empathize.


Three days with a stomach bug- how awful! Hope you are back to normal a.s.a.p.


I hope you feel better real soon. I have had my moments when I've watched reality show marathons; DON'T watch the "Girls Next Door" marathons, trust me!


Definitely a hallucination.

Feel better soonest.


So sorry your feeling so bad. Feel better - and Ravelry? It's for realsies.


Boo Hiss. Stomach bug bad. Take it easy - and get well soon.


Oh dear. Feel BETTER!

Walter Jeffries

Birth weight... You want to get down to 8 lbs?!?

Get well soon!


Take care and we'll see you when you're feeling better.



Feel better, girl. I'm loving the Flannel Suit Panda sock yarn; pics on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10980808@N05/1874948011/ and here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10980808@N05/1874948011/
When you are finished barfing (may that be very soon!) I hope it makes you smile. Very pretty!


Hope you're feeling better, I dread nausea!


Hope you feel better soon. Yikes!


Ooh, get well soon!


Yuck! I hope Milo is giving you some good cuddles!


Hope you feel better soon and Milo isn't attacking you too much as you lay on the sofa.


Feel better! I can confirm Ravelry's existence. May that knowledge speed your recovery :)

Lee Ann

Like all good things in life, Ravelry is both reality and hallucination.

Hang in there, sweetpea.

Little Miss Curious

I hope you are feeling better by now. Stomach sickness sucks. It really does make you feel like you were dead, but I'm glad you're here.


Bug get well hugs! I've got a chest full of goo and all of the glorious trimmings of a cold out this way. I'd rather have this than the stomache flu though. Take care.


Oh no - 10 hours? Were you too weak to lift the remote? ;o)) (btw, the secret side of me who watches that show is relieved that Jo (aka the annoying, whiny one) is not on this season. She pisses me off.) ;o))

Feel better!


Hope you feel better soon!!!


Poor baby, feel better mamma. Yes, it's real-{hugs}


I am sorry....
I am sad that you're sick...
but I do promise, Ravelry exists. Your yarn is there...


damn.. that's the one I had two weeks ago.. it was totally nasty.
I hope you are better SOON!


Hey Jesse, I just spun up my first Real Vermonter roving in the Loden colorway and it is beautiful. I loved the alpaca with it. I hope you recover soon. Heather


So sorry to hear you're sick. Love that piglet picture in the previous post!


I hope that you are back on your feet super quick! Feel better soon!

lynne s of oz

Hope you are feeling better now! No fun at all feeling like death warmed up.


Get well soon, I've just got over a gunk-filled cold and now I have blob-itis (I just want to be a blob and assume that is what it is called) so can sympathise.


Aw man! Haven't been around in a while, and I find out you're sick!

I'm sending out some get well vibes, and I hope family, farm and friends are helping to speed your recovery; 'cause I'd like to think that you watching 10 hours of "Housewives…" was a feverish illusion. :-P


Milo, is she still alive???


Get well soon,
I'm sure 'nurse Milo' is giving you lots of kitty snuggles.


Are you OK? I read your blog regularly and you haven't updated for awhile. Hope you doing OK.

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