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That's too funny -- the ?? is do the turkeys see the irony? I'm thinking not, they are turkeys after all.

Glad that you are feeling better. Your Rogue looks terrific.


Whoa, I can't get over the size of Fudd. That's one big pig. I'm glad you're starting to feel like yourself again!


mmm....Love the green Rogue!


I love visiting your growing farm.

Marcia Cooke

Loved all the pictures (ironic....no, hysterical!) and especially your Milo. Who looks sooo sweet now, cough. I know the type!


Wow, what a busy update! Sounds like lots of fun up north.


Wow! What a biggun', and Milo is looking all grown up! You guys have done so much this year! It's fan-tastic. Glad you're on the road to 100% :)


Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful "family" pictures. Hope you enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving. Rogue is jetting right along.


I don't think the turkeys carry about the irony. And Milo is just showing off by being nice. Although maybe he will settle down now that his hormone levels are set at a fixed level. And Mimi was in the kitchen begging for turkey as soon as it came out. So at least she isn't as bad as Milo. And boys like to play with their toys. Of course the bigger they are, the more expensive it is to fix their "mistakes."


Milo is growing into a big snuggler, neutering may help, but, i think he's going to be a big boy.

When does hubby find the time to do his real, lets be paid for it job?

You know what happen when a boy realises that he can use his toys to do a job, qualifications don't come into it. It's best to go inside, out of ear shot from the language and just make coffee! One of their friends can usually be relied upon to be able to fix the f#*^# ups.

Glad that you, the family and the animals had a happy thanksgiving


Wonderful photos. Milo and the stoic dog are precious, and the four pig derrieres are too funny! Good for you having a locovore Thanksgiving, it must have been especially delicious.


I understand the snuggly afterdinner glow, BUT, wish you were here...Trivial pursuit went lots of rounds over...you deffinatly qualify as a homestead, Sun Valley was the mentor,rah the 70's...next the two acre garden!!!miss you lots xojill


One of my oaths is 'Oh, pigs' bums!', so it's nice to see it brought to life in a photo. It's actually a shortened version of something that I won't sully your Comments with, but I find it quite satisfactory on its own. Now I will always have a mental picture to go with it.

I wonder if there would be a market for pre-cranberried turkey, like pre-salé lamb?


LMAO @ the tractor thing. My DH mentioned doing some plumbing this weekend and I'm still worried. (The man is a menace with plumbing. *I* am better at it than he is.)
Fudd is freaking huge. I had no idea. What a lovely boy.


Ditto Valerie's entry...I love visiting your growing family and friendly family. Love the husband's hat too...made by you, I suspect? Happy Thanksgiving, Jess.


Ditto Valerie's entry...I love visiting your growing farm family and friendly human family. Love the husband's hat too...made by you, I suspect? Happy Thanksgiving, Jess.


That is a fabulous hat! I also love the soft, warm single on the bobbin.

"With Piglets". Heh.

donna lee

I had no idea pigs were so big. It takes so long to get over a bug when you have so many demands on your time and energy. The only way to realy recover is to rest. Ha. I know how hard THAT is to do. Glad you are feeling better.


Milo has suddenly become enormous compared to his first photos - he looks massive. The Turkeys are fabulous but I love the face of the dog - now there is a dog that has experienced great (cat-related?) suffering in life...


Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

I waited too long to call the vet for Jazz and we are now enjoying a dog in heat. Fun times.


I love all your new family photos, its a perfect way to start my Monday morning, that and tea of course. Your Rogue is looking great and I am glad you are feeling better, happy knitting.


Reminds me of the time my dad tilled my mom's garden and got the electric cable caught in the tines that went from the house to the well. That was just this year!

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