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Foggy here lately, too.
Hope you have plenty of soft tissues at nose.


I read Libby's exploits. The next day's post (the Ty one) was even better.
Also, if you have access to some Airborne, take some. The grapefruit flavor isn't bad in cold water. DH and I have both gotten colds in the last week, and though we're not 100% yet, neither of us had more than one day of total crap.


Aww! I've been linked! And I would rather be in Vermont with your menagerie than here in Seattle with the odd dating scene.

Your sunrises are amazing. I miss the sunrise here, because I'm usually in the office already, but if I snuck out, I could watch it rise over the parking lot? :)

Andrea (noricum)

Gorgeous photos!


The ground mist is gorgeous -- you really captured the feel of it with your photos.

That rooster looks like the Emperor of the World! Wow.


Lovely bucolic scenes, so relaxing. Hope you feel better soon!


Cough, splutter, drip - hope you feel better soon. (It seems this bug really is doing the rounds at the moment...)


The addition of sheep to your little collective was a brilliant idea if only for the picture of sheep and fowl in mist. Thanks for providing me with a little escape from the hot and humid Houston autumn.


Gorgeous photos and gorgeous yarns!


Beautiful pictures! You live in such an amazing place. Feel better soon!


Looks like everyone on the farm has posed for their photos! Cool. The new yarns are gorgeous as always, more incentive to finad a job fast! Hope you feel better fast. Tea and bad TV sound better than the prospects of dating these days. I think I'll keep the old man around ;)


Hope you feel better!

Nice chickens ;o)

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