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You have to check out this video Cheryl Kemp posted on her blog. OMG -- too funny, and all about MILO for certain! It is called Bad Kitty http://www.divaknitting.com/blog/?p=484

Amy Artisan

Love the evolution of the scarf, from the dying onto the needles. Feather & Fan is a great "go to" pattern.

Milo pics - makes me remember when my cats were wee ones.


He may be evil, but he's adorably evil!

Marcia Cooke

He is cat!


I care!!! I care about each and every animal you have!! Don't stop sharing with us. Love the animals, love Milo (I guess he qualifies as animal...or is he the devil??), ADORE THE WOOL. Have a great trip. Oh, and if I manage to make it up north (from NJ) within the year, can I let you know and sit on your porch and talk? I'd so enjoy that!


I still think you should do a series of sock yarns dyed to match your chickens & other birds! :)


It's a good thing Milo is cute, if he's so evil ;)

Have fun at OK State! I heard their football games are a lot of fun.

Also, more peacock pictures! :)


Have a fun trip to Oklahoma!

I've been wondering about the pigs. Haven't heard much about them lately. Probably not a cute as Milo, I'd imagine. :)


The most adorable ones always are, aren't they?

donna lee

Milo is a cat. That is just another word for evil. Let's mot talk about the mess my cat made as I was winding a ball of beautiful(and expensive) sock yarn. It took my very patient husband several evenings detangling the mess. The scarf looks beautiful. The glow comes through the photo just fine.


Milo may be evil, but he's adorable so he gets away with it. I absolutely love your handspun feather and fan scarf. I cannot wait to see it completed. Have a great trip and wave when you go past Missouri, K?


I care! I can't see a chicken in someone's front yard with out thinking of you. Now my Knitting Hubby even takes pics of chickens in yards when he is on biz travel...


I care! I can't see a chicken in someone's front yard with out thinking of you. Now my Knitting Hubby even takes pics of chickens in yards when he is on biz travel...


I was hiking last weekend and met up with a goat that had a pack on. The goat was a cross between nubian and saanan (spelling?) - she was adorable, had a wonderful disposition. Your goats reminded me of her. I hope to have one of my own someday.


Yep - you've got the Noah's Ark gene too. :)


I have two words for Mr. Milo....neuter ASAP!

I have 4 words for your sock yarn...I didn't get any. But there's always next time! (smiles!)


Do you know Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited? She's in Oklahoma (I know, it's a big state, but she's really something.)

Milo may be evil, but he's good evil.

I like how you pulled the colors of the pastel silk together. The feather and fan is perfect for that yarn. Nice work!


He may be evil but oh so cute to watch from the safety of the blogosphere :)


Oh, that kitten is wickedly cute! You silk spun up just beautifully, but I have to ask: what happened to the Felted Rope? Are you going to do some clever project with it?


Hope you have a good time in my state!


Quite the managery you are collecting


Jessie...I love your posts, animals and all. It would be my dream to have a farm in Vermont and I look forward to each time you have more pictures. And let me tell you that I am gonna have to get me some of that sock yarn, right after I come back from FL. They are beautiful colors.


Your scarf is looking very pretty, I love seeing updates of everything, animal counts and all.
The pictures of Milo are as always much enjoyed chez moi.


The pastel yarn is just beautiful. You've got a nice little farm going there, and to a non-farmer like me it seems like a lot of fun, but I realize a lot of work goes into tending the menagerie. Thinking about the ultimate fate of your pigs, B. Kingsolver makes me feel less guilty about being non-vegetarian with her reasoned explanations about raising and eating meat. Her family only eats meat they have raised or that they know has been raised humanely. Hopefully more people will demand meat that is not the product of industrial "factory" farming.

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