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Our temps in western PA are cooler, too, and that means I'm willing to touch yarn again! Hooray!


dang, Jessie, they're all so gorgeous! :)


I SO miss the smells of fall in VT which always put me in the mood for making apple pie!


Those middle two colors are my favorites...both the colors and their names! Gotta say, your poor dh, I had such a snicker about his face when Milo got him. Wicked little boy!


Mmmmm.....apple pie. Send me a piece please. The apple crop here in So. IN is very slim to none this year due to a frost in the spring and the drought.

I loved reading B. Kingsolver's book and yes it does make you want to only eat local/your own food.


This is like the third time today someone has mentioned this book - I'm so going to have to check it out.

Hot Chocolate and Puddle Jumpingare totally gorgeous!


Hot Chocolate looks fabulous!


Isn't BK wonderful? Have you read Animal Dreams? Great read. Hope the pie turns out well. Upload a photo!


I'm glad you are enjoying the Kingsolver book. After reading it I've been getting to the local farmers markets every week. Too bad most of them around here close the last weekend in October.


oh the colours are just gorgeous. picking apples for apple pie.. delicious. My family used to go to the pick-your-owns in upstate ny and we would make apple pie, apple bread and apple muffins...


Love all the animal pics! You got some ugly apples there... our pears are perhaps even uglier! Totally rotten tree, but still makes pears. Which the dogs like to chew and leave the remains all around... so lazy, we don't pick them!

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