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That silk looks so nice with your jacket. I'm still attempting to conquer spinning silk - I have the hardest time with it.

Have fun at the festival.


That last picture is hilarious. There's something about kids not getting what they want (Christmas Story, anyone?) that is so funny in such a mean way.


yummy yummy fiber...
someday I will have enough room to set up my spinning wheel again... *dreams*

I've been loving the Milo pictures! what a rascal!

the no-pony pic made me snicker. it's the "not yours" box that does it. hehehehe.


I want to roll in that roving. ;)
And hey--we are hoping to test drive a Matrix this weekend. I am guessing that you loved yours, since you are leasing another; any thoughts to add?


Silk just takes a little practice, then it will flow. The trick is to use a lot of twist but not make a dense yarn. Your sliver looks beautifully aerated, so you're halfway there. If you draft and introduce twist so the fibers are not all aligned perfectly, then add a bit more twist than you would for wool, it works. The extra twist emphasizes the natural sheen and decreases pilling (yes, silk can pill).

Andrea (noricum)

If you are bad, then so am I.


I think that evil chuckle makes you a well-rounded mom!


No, you're not a bad person for chuckling at that (very funny) picture. Or if you are then *we* are, and I consider us to be in good company :D
Yes, the merino-silk top will make the perfect scarf! Isn't it just heaven to spin?


It looks really nice! A roving scarf! Why knit?;) That pic is adorable, poor kid-one day she'll take her revenge. Milo, Milo, Milo....


Yer killin me! That Shimmer roving is stunning. And you know, its very Georgia O'Keeffe-ish (and as you also know, I'm a sucker for anything Georgia! It shall be MINE!) The colors are very much like "Music Pink & Blue II", which hangs in my living room.

Anytime you wanna make a sale from me, just go look at some Georgia paintings, get busy with the dye then email me!


Number Guy says, yes, but I say, no.


I just bought the last skein of Away -- I was sure there would be none left, so I'm very, very happy. Because you know I need more yarn....


That made me laugh too.


Nice roving...the felted stuff could probably be felted even tighter and then knit into a REALLY chunky scarf...or is it even too thick for that? Either that or you can sell it as purse handles by the yard...just an idea.
Keep the Milo pictures coming! He is so cute!



drat. now i'm that girl who can't have more fiber. :)


Your silk is gorgeous, very cute with your new jacket.


I love that photo of roving-as-scarf! Who needs all those middle steps of actually spinning and knitting the fiber? Just throw it 'round your neck and go! ;)

It'll be a gorgeous scarf.


The top would make a great scarf just like that.

The no pony picture is hilarious!


Milo has competition http://tinyurl.com/2mkhxy

julia fc

It's the "not yours" insert on the pony picture that makes it truly evil. Hahaha. I love it too. We can be demented together.

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